How You Do That?: Crazy Ass Air Dancing Performances

January 26, 2016


These are two videos of competitors in the 2016 Wind Games air dancing inside an indoor skydiving tube. The moves they pull off are impressive to say the least. You really just have to watch it to appreciate it (seriously, they're worth a watch -- and be sure to check out their finishes when they exit the tube). I'd like to think I could do this but I would just sink to the bottom like a fat rock thrown in a lake. So here's my plan, 1) lose some serious weight then 2) choreograph an air-dancing routine inspired by Rose's 'I'm Flying, Jack" scene from Titanic. At the end of my performance I will remove the grate at the bottom and let the fan chop me to pieces because Jack dies at the end and I am an artiste.

Keep going for the videos, then let's make this our new hobby.

Thanks to Stephanie, who informed me Riverdancing is way more her thing than air dancing.

  • Gilbert

    That second guy had a really nice "dismount"...

  • TheQiwiMan

    This is amazing. Humans are awesome.

  • Clampity

    So proud of this species.

  • jodyberry

    So, even though I normally really hate it, I guess vertical video IS appropriate this time!

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Did you turn you monitor vertically to watch the video? No, so it's still not appropriate.

  • captaindash

    You'd prefer the camera to pan up and down constantly throughout the performance?

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I don't like to make an ad hominem to someone I don't know, so I will remain polite : I think you haven't thought this through or do not understand basic geometry. (I'm talking primary school grade here)

    You still have the exact same amount of vertical pixels if you record vertically or horizontally. The only difference is that you'll get more of the picture on each sides if you record properly, being horizontally.

    Example : take any normal video, and take two piece of black paper and hide each sides. VOILA! You've just made a vertical video.

  • captaindash

    Field of view and total number of pixels on the sensor are not necessarily related. I'd think somebody as smart as yourself would be fully aware of this.

    It's vertical video, so chances are it's a cell phone. The iPhone is the best selling phone, so odds are it was filmed with one. If you turn the phone vertically, you do not have the same top to bottom field of view that you do if you film horizontally. Even if I wasn't right, which I am and have the proof in my pocket, being a jerk was absolutely uncalled for since I asked a very legitimate question in a neutral manner. I'm a photographer who used to be a videographer so I'm well versed in pixels and fields of view.

    I've noticed you are incredibly rude and condescending to people in many of your comments on this site (including ones like the one you left to me after I asked a simple question, even though I can prove that I'm right, or at least can prove that the odds are it was filmed on a device that shows that I could be right in this particular case). You must live a very lonely life, and it must be exhausting having your back stiffened up at all times. I guarantee you've been told by many, many, many people that you are an arrogant prick. I honestly do feel bad for you because that's not fun. I hope you learn to settle down and stop being an a$$hole to everyone, especially those close to you (especially since they are probably right).

    Best of luck (actually).

  • timeiskey

    arent standard cmos sensors square?

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Who cares about the real quality of the video, the medium on which the video is presented is flawed even thought the video is theoretically perfect. It is flagrant in this video when you watch that blue electric tapped line on the right side of the tube, being all choppy on the edges. Makes my hair rise on my arms when I watch vertical videos.

    And sorry, I realized I didn't answer your question : yes I'd rather have the camera pan, that way you'd see the body a bit bigger and better. I guess at that point it's personal opinion and preferences.

    In any case, you were spot on in that last remark except for the lonely part. I kind of like that. All my friends pretty much like my honesty, sarcasm and the fact I'm very direct. I've never put on white gloves to talk to people and never will. You want straight answers, come to me. The result is true friendship. I own my condescending tone by not hiding behind internet anonymity though. I don't know if that has a redeeming value to it.

    Take care.

  • shashi
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