Blowing Wizard Smoke: Beautifully Hand Carved Gimli, Smaug And Gandalf Tobacco Pipes

January 13, 2016


These are the Hobbit/Lord Of The Rings themed tobacco pipes carved by ultra-professional pipe carver SVpipesdesign. I think he also takes commissions, but the Gimli one is available for $2,500 if you're interested. I am interested, but I don't have $2,500 to spend on a pipe. As a matter of fact, I don't have any money to spend on a pipe, which is why I'm smoking out of a crushed Coke can. "What is that, crack?" No clue, I just smoke whatever the doctor gives me. "That man is not a doctor." Then how do you explain the medical scrubs? "That's a prison jumpsuit." Take this away from me.

Keep going for shots of all three finished products, but be sure to check out SVpipedesign's Instagram page for shots of the carving process.





Thanks to hairless, who's holding out for a Cerberus pipe with three separate bowls for MAXIMUM PUFFAGE.

  • shashi

    to be 'LORD OF THE smoke RINGS' must have a dedicated smoking hobbit

  • TheQiwiMan

    I'd totally inhale those carcinogens if I could do so with instruments that look this cool.

  • Awesome as flippin' heck. But if I had two and a half grand, I doubt these would top the "to buy" list... (Several spare million in my pocket and I'd pick one up without a second though!)

  • Jane Merrick

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  • Oh my God, I could buy like THREE AND A HALF PIPES for that!!!

  • Meh

    Sure carving skill, but not very innovative or original. Here's a better artisan imho:

  • GeneralDisorder

    I no longer partake in puffery but some of those pipe designs are incredibly stupid. This won't be surprising to anyone familiar with weapons, software, automobiles, user interface of any kind... But when things become "innovative or original" things often become "unusable" which kind of defeats almost every innovative purpose.

    For what it's worth the one that looks like a flat block I really like and would gladly use it if I had a use for it.

  • Very nice work, but it's not exactly stylistically comparable. (I like how he uses "#marijuana" as one of his tags. Lends creedence.)

  • MostlyPonies

    A carved likeness doesn't have to be innovative or original. It just has to look like the character. Not a hard concept to understand. For most.

  • Meh

    And i said it HAD to? Nope i didn't. Learn to read thx.

  • MostlyPonies

    "Sure carving skill, but not very innovative or original. Here's a better artisan imho"

    You implied it, stressing the importance of being innovative and original, and comparing it to a "better" craftsman whose works had those qualities. Cut the bullshit thx.

  • TheQiwiMan

    This unbridled sexual tension is dynamite!! When are you two gunna shag already??? :-D

  • MostlyPonies

    No free shows. You gotta pay like everyone else.

  • cabbo

    The guy likes pipes, decided to share some images of very well crafted pipes. He didn't say these are bad pipes.

  • MostlyPonies

    Why does everything have to be verbatim? If I say someone is not very attractive and compare them to someone "better looking," technically I'm not calling them plain or ugly, but it's clearly condescending.

  • cabbo


  • MostlyPonies

    He's free to express his opinion, and I'm free to disagree with it. And in this case, his opinion wasn't simply a preference, it was a flawed criticism of something, and I pointed out the flaw.

  • cabbo

    I contest that statement. You are baseing your entire position on inferred slander. Really the concept of an entirely subjective remark being 'flawed criticism' doesn't seem fucking Orwellian? Society has turned into a slaughterhouse of ideas.

  • MostlyPonies

    No, as I said in my first comment, slander or not, his criticism is flawed. Those pipes were supposed to resemble characters, to be realistic, not original and innovative. If I were to criticize the sculpture of David for not being colorful enough, or compare it to Gaudi's sculptures and call it "not very original or innovative," that would be the same type of flawed criticism.

    And again, you make me repeat myself. This isn't looking at an art piece and saying it's ugly or beautiful, which are actual subjective opinions. This is like saying a lemon isn't sweet enough - it's not supposed to be sweet. It's a nonsense opinion.

  • cabbo

    The subjectivity is in the preference of originality. This is a totally valid position to take. His point was that the pipe maker is skilled at carving but the concept and excecution were not innovative. It does not matter that they were not supposed to be. As a consumer of artwork you are within your rights to disagree with the artisan's intentions.

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