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A Compilation Of Every Time R2-D2 Saved The Day


This is a compilation of every time R2-D2 saves the day in the first six Star Wars movies. He deserves a medal. Without him, pretty much everybody would have died. Without me? Nobody would notice until my rent didn't get paid or my apartment started to smell. I was just looking through my old text messages and the last time a friend wrote was in 2015, and that was a mass Happy Holidays text. The most recent text before that was a wrong number in November. *opens arms for a hug* Anybody?

Hit the jump for the video, then wish you had a pal like R2.

Thanks to my buddy Ben K, who daydreams about the time he'll have the opportunity to save the day and completely blows it.

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  • Dano

    I highly approve of this video.

  • Guesticle

    too bad they never addressed the droid slavery thing, if the organics wanted to he could have been sold for parts at any point despite being sentient

    some republic

  • shashi

    holy flurking shnit, star wars is about robot suffrage. MIND=BLOWN!

  • I'll give you a hug GW - as long as you don't mind the blood.

  • cock stain

    Your periods must be like the elevator in The Shining.

  • shashi

    reminds me of my dads mothers daughters sister irma

  • Guesticle irma is your aunt?

  • I guess the only way to stop the Star Wars posts is if we all just stop clicking on them and leaving comments?


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