Website Shows The Color Palette Of Every Pokemon

August 21, 2015


Pokemon Palletes is a website that shows the color pallete used for all the Pokemon generations 1 - 5. The bars even show how much of a particular color is used in the character's sprite. I don't know about you, but I'm going to use this site to put together some Pokemon color inspired outfits for myself. Well, what do you think? I call this look 'Snorlax'. "You look like you just woke up and don't know where you are." So I nailed it is what you're saying.

Thanks to GregGGGG, who may or may not have four last names, or the shakes.

  • Neros_downfall

    Magikarp looks like it would give great blowjobs

  • yes my mother ìs making several thousands per month just sítting at home... there ís a lìnk in my profile that shows you how

  • shashi

    Ahhhh, so she's catering to the lucrative sitting fetish market: very shrewd

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  • Edward

    This site is so awesome!

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