Fill The Oceans With Concrete: Rare And Very Ugly Frilled Shark Caught In Australia

January 21, 2015


Seen here looking suspiciously like a chestburster, the frilled shark caught by Australian fishermen near Victoria wishes it was still in the water. Hoho, maybe next time you'll think twice before trying to renege on a deal with Ursula!

The species, whose ancestry dates back 80 million years, is known as the 'living fossil'.

"It has 300 teeth over 25 rows, so once you're in that mouth, you're not coming out," [Fisherman Simon] Boag said.

"We couldn't find a fisherman who had ever seen one before," he said.

"It does look 80 million years old. It looks prehistoric, it looks like it's from another time!"

He said local fishermen were left scratching their heads at the sight of the two-metre-long creature, whose head and body resemble an eel, but whose tail is more reminiscent of a shark.

I don't know about you, but if I was a fisherman and caught something like this, I wouldn't be a fisherman anymore. *hauls in frilled shark* Nope, f*** this, the oceans weren't made for people. I knew I should have been an astronaut. "NASA didn't want you." Fine, a fireman. "You failed every physical fitness test." A teacher? "You hate children." I should just live at home and let my parents take care of me.

Keep going for several more pictures of the no thank you.




Thanks to Nicole, who agrees that's definitely a face you'd want to Photoshop out of your family portrait.

  • Deksam

    Would have looked cooler with big sharp teeth.
    Weren't these things in the mouth of the Tremors 1 creature?

  • Clampity

    That is the scariest fleshlight I have ever seen.

  • Riz

    @ TyDurd "Courtney Love found the missing plane?"

  • lordpikachu

    looks like a puppet

  • shashi

    was just thinking it looks like a Jim Henson creation

  • Jeremy Sandlin

    Pretty sure that thing came out of a graboid's mouth...


  • Shawn Bibby

    That things gotta bring the auction house down in Japan, I hope they ate it lol

  • n11

    Imagine having this thing burst out of your chest instead.

  • Fred

    By 'caught' I presume you mean 'extracted from someone's chest cavity after an alien attack'?

  • Xockszky

    It looks cool!

  • S.M. Archer

    If I've said it once, then I've said it a hundred times, "Fuck the ocean man." Seriously though, I understand it's a necessity and all, but it's a whole bunch of nope. I'm born and raised in Florida, but I'll be damned if every time I don't go to the beach, or go on a boat, that the ocean doesn't freak me out every. single. time.

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Its face makes me think of a hooker with bad lipstick. "Want a blowjob, handsome?" *shudder*

  • TyDurd

    First pic looks like he's waiting for a laugh after delivering a punch-line.

  • Jenness

    Creating new meme in 3.....2.......

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Wrong order...

  • Jenness

    Nu uhhhh

  • Meh

    Its pretty cute compared to a Walrus, or a Hammerhead.

    Also; those vertical rows of teeth are quite interesting, may even be eccentric!

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