Snoop Is Back With Plizzanet Earth Episode 3, Baboons

September 2, 2014


This is a short video of Snoop Dogg hosting Plizzanet Earth episode 3, featuring a group of baboons tip-toeing their way across a pond. Also, this one seemed to have a lot more bleeped words than the past two episodes. Presumably because Snoop was revealing top-secret military codewords on late-night TV. "He was cussing." Snoop Dogg? Noooooooo, those were code-words. Trust me, I heard about something similar happening right before World War II.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Joey, who agrees one minute Plizzanet Earth clips aren't going to cut it. We demand at least four minutes at a time.

  • zatoichi

    That was kind of dumb. "Where my bitches at?" That's fresh material. Oh Deborah, that Snoop Dogg is such a hoot.

  • Bad Boy Bubby


  • Jovana Antonic

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  • bushbrother

    I thought he was Snoop Lion now?

  • zin

    Yeah what happened to that rumor of him reincartated as Bob Marley?

  • Hayate

    We need snoop dog day on animal planet or some shit where he just does this ALL day for one day a year.

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