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Ahahahhahahha: Guy Cracks 150 Walnuts Open With Head In One Minute, Sets New Record


Now that's what I call *putting on cool guy sunglasses* using your head.

Because who doesn't love smashing things with their head (it's how I open tuna cans), this is a video of Muhammed Rashid of Pakistan cracking 150 walnuts open with his dome in one minute. That is the world record. Is anybody even trying to beat him? I dunno. What I do know is somebody should get Muhammed a nutcracker for his birthday and save the man some brain cells. Shit, give him a brick -- anything.

Keep going for a video of the record breaking process.

Thanks to Destroyer, who agrees there's an important part in every person's life when they think about trying to break something with their head. It's what makes us all human.

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  • westmclarenmerc

    The guy was nuts for doing this, what a nutjob.
    Oh wait, walnuts are (in a botanical way) not nuts but seeds.

  • Anarch0n

    Turn down for what!?!??

  • Fred

    Surely after the fifth or sixth walnut the guy must have thought 'You know what, I'm fine with just dying in obscurity like everyone else.'

  • zin

    Only one of many tricks they train Al-Qaeda troops to perform in the midst of battle.

  • Collinssolutions

    would be a better record if he had to eat them too

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