Father Runs Over Son's XBox Games With Lawnmower

August 25, 2014


WARNING: A lot of dirty words, because dirty words make things seem realer.

This is an entirely (and poorly) staged video of a dad running over his deadbeat son's XBox game collection with the lawnmower. The whole thing is cringe-worthy, particularly the very beginning to the very end. Still, I just posted it, so I guess they got what they wanted. The anthrax I just mailed them? They can consider that a bonus.

Keep going for the video, then feel free to add your own "Fake, the shadows are all wrong," just like in the good ol' days.

Thanks to boog, Allie, Steven and DrumStick, who agree he should have run over his son's leg to show him he really means business.

  • flint

    What a rude dad ,he's a fuckin idiot

  • DMcC

    it wasn't staged.

  • Greg V.

    Um, the guy "Jesse" explains all this on his channel's page with an intro vid. He's a film school student/graduate/something like that. And I love that Fox picked this up as "real news." https://www.youtube.com/cha...

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    Ya know, That can't be good for the blades.

    Yeah, the kid needs a job, but not in show business. Gee, I hope this wasn't his audition video "Demo Reel".

  • JmanBankai

    someone call the Emmy and get this kid a golden statue for that performance

  • Deksam

    bad acting, for Yutube's sake.

  • Lisa Hooper

    People who design the games make big bucks. He should of found out just
    exactly what the son was doing. Fortunately I didn't run over my son's
    computer equipment. He turned out to make computers into his career.
    This guy on the video seems like a future school shooting.

  • Patrick Arnone

    Photoshopped. The shadows are all wrong.

  • Jedidiah Pakula

    I remember the good ole days of This is Fake! You can tell it's fake because The shadows are all wrong!!!Who was that guy who was notorious for posting that? I miss him, he was like my first internet troll buddy. And I also remember when I didn't have to post my real name. and I remember that one time I finally got called out in the gw's "thanks to......" bit at the end. And now I remember that Robin and Zelda Williams used to read Geekologie, and now I'm sad. RIP Robin, I wish you remembered the last line of Hook. And Zelda, I'm sorry for your dad, can I be your Link? Too soon? I hope not, I've always had a crush on that girl...

  • Daisy. She long gone. Someone started doing it again for a while, but it didn't last.

  • lizzardx

    Guess he should have gone digital with his collection.

  • Patrick Banks

    The dad should have packed them all up, the systems and accessories, and taken them all down to gamestop and traded them in for $4.38 or whatever the value of it is, and given it to his son along with the list of bills / freeloading he needs to pay for. Better yet, strip his room empty, leave him with nothing but the bed and sheets and clothes he was wearing. Pawn it all.

  • Bad Boy Bubby


  • Robot Cat RO-BOT RO-BOT

    I do miss Daisy and their posts of what Max Cooperman and gang were up to during parts of the movie that apparently have never been seen by anyone other than Daisy.

  • Zachary Zarko

    Looks to me like these hillbillys live out in the middle of nowhere. I wonder where a kid who attends school full time and is not old enough to drive is supposed to find employment. (Growing pot? Cooking meth?)

    Oh well. It doesn't matter. The dad needs to sleep in a panic room for the rest of his life or chain up the kid in the basement - or both.

  • GeneralDisorder

    The dad drawled out something about car payment. I'd assume this implies that kid who cries in video is old enough to have to pay for a car.

  • Joe Schmopped

    This is class all around. The above ground pool is a nice touch.

  • Andrew Lias

    Of course it's staged. And of course we're supposed to hate the kid. That's the point. It's schadenfreude for every parent that thinks that his kid spends too much time gaming. If we had YouTube in an earlier generation, it would have been some dad riding his mower over his sons D&D games. It's the same stupid "you're generation is a bunch of useless slackers" trope that's been replaying itself since time immemorial.

  • Smivey

    I'm not convinced that you know what "schadenfreude" means, but I'm impressed that you can spell it. I merely copied and pasted yours.

  • Andrew Lias

    Well, I'm pretty sure that I know what it means, but I'm always willing to be educated. What do you think that it means?

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