Now You Don't See It, Now You Do: Street Artist Produces Speed Painting Out Of Nowhere

August 28, 2014


This is a video of a Taiwanese street artist producing a speed painting. The subject of the painting is virtually unrecognizable until the big reveal at the very end. Did you see that coming? Can he paint other characters the same way? I dunno, maybe he only memorized how to do this one. I have no room to talk though, I can't even keep my crayons within the lines in coloring books. You know how many coloring book pages of mine my mom hung on the fridge growing up? Actually, a lot. But she would always take them down and hide them in a drawer before company came over.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Youtube Rhydonal, who agrees if dude can paint anybody yelled to him by the audience, he's an all-star.

  • zin

    Ho Lee Shit!

  • Joel Lamm

    Seen before. I think that this one is more impressive.

  • I saw that one a while back too. Indeed, much cooler but I was too lazy to try to find it. Thanks!

  • Joel Lamm

    not a problem good sir!

  • ODwanKenObi

    *POOF!* mind blown.

  • Kevin

    I'm not that impressed, the drawing didn't require that much detail. If you just remember the outlines and then color them in with your hands upside down, not that difficult. He acted like he was so bada**.

  • Seriously... he didn't INVENT painting, so GTFO! AMIRITE?

  • Can you randomly do a speed painting like this? Again, it was called a "Speed Painting" not a "Sit for hours on the beach painting" So yes, it didn't require much detail. You missed the point of the video. Speed Paintings do not have to have detail or anything.

  • $18889437

    Therein lies the illusion... these are not random. Performance paintings like this are for sure rehearsed. If you watch guys like this, including the guy that did all the rock star speed paintings, when you see them replicate the piece, they start with the same landmark features every time and proceed the same way each time. To quote speed painter Robert Channing regarding his 2 minute 30 second performance on America's got talent "I rehearsed for a month and a half". Still impressive... but for sure there's a system to each painting.

  • Ah, well thank you for clearing this up! I must go though, My girlfriend wants to make a ton of mac n cheese.

  • Post_Nazi

    I always dislike the "can YOU do this?" argument. Impressive is something that is incredibly difficult for most people to be capable of. Impressive is not something that just takes some time to practice with. It's a good image, but obviously not done randomly. He was precise and direct with his intentions, and knew what he was doing. There aren't mediocre pieces of art in museums with the tag line "It was done in under an hour! Take that Michelangelo!".

  • GreyGanado

    I was always under the impression that impressive was almost always something that takes some time to practice. Like, you know, the stuff that Michelangelo painted.

  • OrehRatiug

    Its impressive in a different way that a Michelangelo is impressive.

  • I do all my comments in under an hour.

  • Foldedpencil

    Very cool. Somehow, like a magician, lots of misdirection.

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