Mr. Knocky, The Remote-Controlled Drumming Toy

August 11, 2014


Meet Mr. Knocky. He's a battery-free drum toy controlled by swinging two hand-held triggers. Not digging the sound of his plastic drums? No worries, you can swap them out for other percussion surfaces like a soup can or Pringles can. He is not recommended for use drumming on your nuts. Ha, like that's gonna stop you.

Keep going for two worthwhile videos of Mr. Knocky doing his thing.

Thanks to Paul, who's getting the band back together.

  • Michael Knight

    so, you play drums on controllers to have something else play on drums.....
    uhm, why not just play on drums? is there really a need for a middle man here?

  • zin

    The first step towards high-tech busking.

  • "Mr. Knocky, The Remote-Controlled Drumming Toy"
    ...thats what she said

  • Royalblueduck

    Not as cool as Hit Stix from the 90's

  • Emmitt Morgans

    I never had Hit Stix, but I *did* get Hit Keys when I was a kid!

  • nanCY

    Yea!! I think I might still have my set!

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