Man Sets New Deadlift World Record With 1016lb (461kg)

August 13, 2014


Seen here looking like he's about to pop like that guy in Big Trouble In Little China after he finds out his master Lo Pan was killed, strongman Benedikt 'Benni' Magnusson sets a new deadlift world record with 461kg (1016-lbs). That is a lot of weight. Not as much as I could pretend to lift, but I also know a levitation spell. "Levioso?" What? No -- Harry Potter spells are all FICTIONAL. You try casting any of those in a real magic fight and you're a f***ing goner. You know what the Killing Curse does in real life? Makes your enemy's penis twice the size of yours and shoot magic bullets. "Then I'll cast it on myself!" Smart thinking! (You're gonna turn your penis into a chicken)

Keep going for the video, dude gives a solid interview after the performance then runs off to hug his buddy 'The Mountain' from Game of Thrones.

Thanks to Jerm, who could lift twice that provided he had his arms and legs replaced with robot parts.

  • darabe

    The whole time I was thinking about The Mountain Gregor Clegane and surely enough he shows up at the end. if thats not him then i'm strong man racist cuz they all look alike.

  • cabbo

    It is him, aye. You can tell because he's tall.

  • Jeff Nathan

    Zydrunas Savickas, 4-time winner of the World's Strongest Man, pulling 1155 pounds at the 2014 Arnold (Schwarzenegger) Classic:

    This isn't news,.

  • Packoff

    Except that pulling tires is like pulling off of a platform, as the diameter of the tires are wider than plates. The bar is just below his knees. That is very different from pulling from a lower bar height due to the smaller diameter of the plates. This record is for pulling with weights, not tires.

  • Jeff Nathan

    That's a very reasonable and fair point. Savickas's pull is more like an 18" deadlift (rack pull) given the height of the bar with tires.

  • nanCY

    And the truck tires and rims look cooler too!!

  • Joe Hansbarger

    Good thing that weight belt is on or he'd be squirting his guts out his asshole.

  • AGirlNamedMichael

    There's actually old video footage of that happening floating around out there

  • Bling Nye

    A weight belt won't keep your o-ring from failing catastrophically. All the belt does is give additional abdominal pressure; something for your abs to push against.

  • Einar Carl Nielsen

    Makes me proud to be an √ćslendingur(Icelander) (-=

  • adffdas

    especially since if you're from Iceland you're pretty much guaranteed to be at least his 5th cousin twice removed ;P

  • do not stand behind one when he is lifting-they often fart

  • zin

    They often fart their guts out. They often... blart?

    Seriously though, when I see a person doing this, I can't help but think how much damage he's causing to himself.

  • Jake

    No damage, only health benefits. Deadlifting is the single most beneficial exercise a human being can do. It has the longest kinetic chain from fingers to feet, and releases the largest amount of beneficial hormones including of course, testosterone.

    If there was 1 thing you can do to stay young, strong, and healthy, it would be the deadlift. (combined with the squat, bench press, and weighted chin up, you'll live a long and enjoyable life with a physique that makes people jealous)

    Some power lifters like you see in this video allow their body fat to climb higher which isn't the best idea, however their goals are simply to set records. Compare a man of equal weight who never lifts, I guarantee their condition is nowhere as good as these powerlifters.

  • zin

    Why would testosterone be beneficial? I have thick enough hair all over myself, I'd rather cut back a bit.

    "Compare a man of equal weight who never lifts, I guarantee their condition is nowhere as good as these powerlifters." This is a given; it would be VERY difficult to build this much muscle mass without the use of weights, in which case the mass would mostly be fat.

    No, what I meant was it would be unhealthy for things like nerves maybe? Look at him shaking. Pressure on joints & spine? Maybe even blood pressure? What about long-term effects?

  • Jake

    Actually testosterone is a very beneficial hormone, and this activity causes the greatest release of it.

    Deadlifting is also very beneficial to your joints and nervous system, it also helps keep blood pressure under control. As it naturally rises during exercise, the body becomes more efficient at lowering it afterwards.

  • zin

    Ok. Does it stunt your growth at all?

  • Jake

    Not at all

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