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Goldeneye 007 Remote & Promixity Mine Belt Buckles


These are the custom Goldeneye 007 remote and proximity mine belt buckles created by if industries. Either one of those would look great holding my pants up, especially the remote mine one (above). And you know what else would look great holding my pants up? "A sexy dino?" No, a sexy dino would look great pulling my pants DOWN. Did anybody else just get a boner? No worries, I just got more than enough for all of us.

Keep going for more shots.





Thanks to if industries, who agrees there's nothing more terrifying to an enemy than someone running around with explosives strapped to their crotch.

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  • Zachary Zarko

    I want two of these: One for my carry on bag and the other one to wear through airport security.

  • zin

    I'm getting mixed messages here... The lights are drawing my eyes downward but the closer I get the harder I'm blown away.
    Also the person I was looking at vanishes every time.

  • ODwanKenObi

    i need that.

  • Julia Brown



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