Two Drunk-Ass Russians Get The Street Fighter Treatment

July 15, 2014


Aww man, when I saw the car I thought it was gonna be a bonus stage!

So a Russian walks into a bar...I'm kidding, he's already been there for hours. This is a video of two drunk as f*** Ruskies (is there any other kind? That was rhetorical) doing battle, which somebody added Street Fighter music and sound effects to. These guys can barely stand, yet the taller one manages to hold on to a cigarette the whole fight AND SMOKE IT. Priorities. Who do you think wins? In the grand scheme of life, I'm guessing neither.

Keep going for the video, but place your bets beforehand. I bet you lose.

Thanks to Lindsey, who can't wait to see a new challenger.

  • Kid Doom

    I am drunk but they are not russian, but Chechz. License plate?

  • I need more of these. ASAP.

  • Elak Swindell

    Now that was pretty damn funny. :)

  • zin

    Since when do you need to add anything to make Ruskybros entertaining?
    It was already funny to begin with, I found adding the SFII effects was redundant. Such a procedure should only be used on unfunny videos to polish them into comedy gold.

  • nanCY

    I agree! All they did was put a single graphic over an already so-so video. Really??

  • Kevin

    ROFL - this is awesome, horrible fighting skills but makes for great Street Fighter entertainment!

  • zin

    Considering how inebriated that kid was, I was actually impressed with some of the moves he managed, if obviously an inexperienced fighter. The big guy knew the best course of action.

  • Shane Dunbar

    best hadoken ever

  • Monkey_Magus

    Hilarious! Spit my soda at the screen.

  • BeastmanAIDS

    I wish everyone was this hilariously ineffectual at fighting when they got on the piss.

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