MMA Fighter Gas Station Attendant Stops Would-Be Robbery With A Good Old Fashioned Ass Kicking

July 28, 2014


Ooooooh, lotto scratchers.

This is a video news report (including surveillance footage) of five-time Sri Lankan mixed martial arts national champion Mayura Dissanyake preventing the robbery of a gas station coworker who was returning to the store after a trip to the bank. Come on -- you gotta handcuff the briefcase to yourself, everybody knows that! Per the all-star ass kicker himself:

The first guy I saw, I just kicked him in the face. Then I punched the other guy.

Just like that -- kicked the first dude in the face, and punched the other. So pro. I only wish I had the strength, training and courage to do the same. I do not though. See, what I would have done is PUNCHED the first guy, then KICKED the second one. Then they would have gotten up, beat the shit out of me, and stolen my wallet and cell phone. I will be too afraid to use the find-my-phone app to try and confront them, and live the rest of my life in fear.

Keep going for the news report.

Thanks to PYY, who agrees if you're gonna own a gas station, hiring a few MMA fighters to work the counter certainly couldn't hurt.

  • Post_Nazi

    It's funny when a video shows up of police doing something similar they get screamed at for committing "police brutality". You can't really use the training argument, since that guy is quite the professional fighter, as he stated himself. So we cheer for the civilian and condemn the same situation if it was a police officer.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Cain Velasquez will smash this dune coon

  • Kaizer Chief

    Sri Lanka is a tropical jungle country, there aren't any dunes. The native people are descended from Indians, not Arabs. You're an eejit.

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    Cain will smash this jungle bunny and i hope you pass a stone asshole

  • Kaizer Chief

    I am a stone asshole. Is Cain Velasquez your boyfriend?

  • Bad Boy Bubby

    yeah Cain Velasquez is my boyfriend you retard. you jelly?

  • Kaizer Chief


  • HotPotato

    I'm glad she reminded me what Soda and Snacks look like, I was a little worried at first that she wouldn't of shown me. Gas of course is still a mystery.

  • Bad Boy Bubby


  • lmern

    I was thinking the same. AHahahahaahahahahaha. Oh man what a laugh.

  • Adam

    Good on him for stopping that from happening but to be honest those extra kicks to the head might have been a bit much.

  • mark

    since when is it ok to feel sorry for a criminal long story short those guys just picked the wrong person to rob (from the video it looked they were trying to mawal the guy with the money) but yeah he should of let the guy get into the getaway car and take off as now the police has someone in jail and that's not good. the lesson here is don't rob people as hopefully you'll get your ass kick.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Perhaps... although just because a guy is on the ground, doesn't mean that he no longer poses a threat.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    Well, the robber didn't show any compassion or restraint when he attacked the guy with the cash...

  • Christoffer Jeppesen

    So doing the same thing as a ruthless robber is a good thing?

  • stephanie eylar

    Well like the guy said, he didn't know if the bad guy had a weapon that he could have pulled out and killed someone. He wasn't trying to kill the guy, just make him stop moving so he knew people were safe.

  • Christoffer Jeppesen

    There's no such thing as "just" making someone stop moving when you're kicking them in the head. That can easily be fatal.

  • Bling Nye

    "Live by the sword, die by the sword."

    If you're exercising violence upon other people, you should be fully expectant of having violence exercised upon you.

  • NynjaSquirrel

    And personally I have no problems removing scum like that from the population. They attacked an innocent man with violence, gave no thought to his well-being, thereby removing any rights to humanity or life in my book.

  • XenonPike

    If it happens to you or a loved one, would you have compassion for the bad guy?

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