Four Story Tree Mulcher Can Eat A Whole Tree In Seconds

July 1, 2014


This is a highlight reel of a tree mulcher that can eat an entire tree down to nothing in four seconds. For reference, it would take beavers a week to do that. It is definitely the machine all the forest animals are most afraid of. When reached for comment, Bambi cried about his mom for a while then told me Thumper and Flower both got hit by cars.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to robbie, who punches trees down.

  • They can take down buildings in the same amount of time. Sadly, this is the the world we live in. Zero regard for living life in the 'way' of so called progress. I call it deforestation at it's finest. What we need is a SUPER COOL SOLAR POWERED MACHINE THAT CAN PLANT 100 LIVING TREES IN SECONDS!! Impress me with that!!

  • Harrigan

    such an irresponsible use of technology....the utter disregard and destruction of trees like that, its disgraceful...

  • Jermain Palmen

    Ferngully 4 in the making? xD

  • zin

    Forget chainsaw nunchucks, gimme this!

  • dingusthemonique The best a man can get.

  • Dave Dawkins

    But can it open DVD wrappers?

  • Kristdan Fisher

    That's just what we need another way to chop down our oxygen supply. Is pretty awesome though.

  • Alison McArty

    We had a tornado that chopped down our oxygen supply. I would love to have this to clean up our property.

  • Monochromatyczny Wojownik

    New weapon for W40k Dreadnought !

  • David Storm Strom

    hexus just got a new best friend #ferngully

  • acedick72

    Should use this in the Middle East, sort those hajis and muftis out for good.

  • Vapirie

    Screaming Tree.

  • iofo61

    Trailer for Transformers 5: The Leftovers

  • Chris Short

    Fern Gulley couldn't even imagine this thing.
    Now they need to put it on a mech.

  • stephanie eylar

    This would be good for greeting rid of blackberry bushes.

  • whacko

    So where is the model that doesn't shoot wood shards 300 feet in every direction?

  • Lumberjacks HATE him!

  • Henry Alexander Rites

    Can you imagine using this to stop riots?

  • ODwanKenObi

    No, I can not imagine that.

  • Fred

    Awesome but I do have one question... Why did the manufacturers not design it to look like a robotic brontosaurus?

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