Dad Builds Giant Mech Warrior Playhouse For His Kids

July 22, 2014


This is the mech warrior playhouse built by Alabama dad and NASA scientist Jim Martin for his children. The playhouse is based off the Mad Cat, a mech from the analog (read: paper-and-pencil based) role-playing game MechWarrior. Could you imagine growing up with a mech warrior playhouse? You would be so lucky. I did not have a playhouse or a treefort. You know where I played? In the crawlspace under my actual house. I can almost guarantee you I hold the world record for most hours playing Mole-Man.

Thanks to Yuareg, who allegedly had an entire Ewok village in his backyard and is hands down the most spoiled kid I have ever heard of.

  • ZomBBombeR

    This just brings back so many vivid memories of my childhood, windows 95 hopping on one leg to reach the escape pod before the army behind me crushes my ass...*sigh* MechWarriors 2

    and boy do I envy those kids though lol, I had a playhouse and Mechs on computer or that I built of Lego, but never a Mech playhouse.

  • John Wane

    The guy works at NASA, this mech should be walking around shooting real lasers.

  • masterLEON

    Nevermind the Madcat/Timberwolf debate, you're missing a more technical issue here....LRM-21's? That's new to me! I'd like an extra missile per rack, just sayin'. -Winslowe, Tesla II Vulture pilot, Lazer Park, NYC

  • CkGordon

    I like how unimpressed the kids look. Like "We know you just used us as an excuse to build a giant mech warrior, dad."

  • Bling Nye

    I'm more impressed that his wife let him put that up in the back yard; and I am sufficiently impressed with that build already.

  • Anyone knows the Las Vegas Battletech Center from the mid nineties, where i piloted these robust machines? That was awesome!
    To these kids its "The Wonder Years" all over.

  • They used to have a Virtual World (before they called it battletech centers) in San Diego. That was the shit! Those pods were rad.

  • steve holt

    Jenny Dela Cruz, where are you?

  • Toastrider

    Virtual World pods are still kicking around here and there. I think Dave & Busters often have them, and some appear at conventions (I know Battletech: Firestorm still makes an appearance at DragonCon).

  • I gotta get in on that. My girlfriend told me Dragoncon was pretty nuts, but this is making me lean toward going.

  • ah64mech13

    Dragon Con is geek Mardi Gras. It's outstanding.

  • LV Battletech Center had this victorian-club-atmosphere with skeletons from other dimension on display.the pods were via a dimensional transport centered into the cockpit of these Mechwarriors.
    My nom de guerre was dr.chaos.

  • I went by Viper cuz top gun was kinda hot right around then and Tom Skerritt's mustache struck fear into the hearts of men.

  • adds out of context the Richard Pryor quote of the day.

  • Mechwarrior itself is based on the BattleTech tabletop game. This mech is a Timber Wolf (Mad cat is a nickname) from Mechwarrior 4. I love the shit outta some BattleTech.


    Slight correction to your comment: The Battlemech shown is the Timber Wolf (Clan name). Mad Cat is not a nickname given to it by the game Mechwarrior 4. Mad Cat is the name given to the 'Mech by the Inner Sphere and is fully part of the BattleTech lore.


  • Oh man, you gotta wake up pretty early to out-nerd me on Battletech. The link you provided proves my point... "Vaguely resembling a cross-over between the MAD (Marauder) and CAT (Catapult) series, theTimber Wolf was tagged with the Inner Sphere reporting name Mad Cat on first contact. (The targeting computer on Phelan Kell's Wolfhound switched between MAD and CAT when trying to identify it". It was a nickname because it resembled a cross between the two. And this particular model most resembles a MW4 Timber Wolf.


    I am not going to debate the finer points of semantics with you, as you have clearly decided to disregard the facts to play semantics to "prove your point".

    The part you left out from your "quoted support", you know, the words that follow directly after your cut-off which uses a semi-colon, is "; Precentor MartialAnastasius Focht later officially designated it "Mad Cat".

    So no you are not correct with your point being proven. You are selectively using facts to claim you are correct because you apparently find it impossible to admit to a simple error and would rather show your lack of integrity via misrepresenting the facts.

    The style of the Timber Wolf is indeed a style choice made by Microsoft for MW4, but that stylistic representation doesn't change the absolute and undeniable fact that Mad Cat was not a nickname given by the game MW4 and the Timber Wolf was designated as the Mad Cat from the very first Inner Sphere contact when the Clan designation of Timber Wolf was unknown to the IS forces, and was later made the official IS designation as per the lore.

    If you can't admit that, well...

    I will just refrain from tossing up the insulting language I would use to describe such an action over this inconsequential error within your BTech knowledge.

  • Holy shit dude.... holy shit. Hahaha, but no you're dumb and way wrong. I said "This mech is a Timber Wolf (Mad cat is a nickname) from Mechwarrior 4" If you know how parenthesis work, those are two statements. Therefore, "This mech is a Timber Wolf from Mechwarrior 4". And also, "Mad Cat is a nickname". It's just an honest mistake though, so I won't make it a big deal.


    Check your counter-argument provided and then ask yourself why someone would remove the impact the parenthesis would normally have based on your own argument calling question to the intent behind your parenthesis usage.

    Had you originally viewed my response as mistaking your claim then you could have addressed it then, but even if misunderstanding the ambiguous nature of your statement you are still claiming to be correct that Mad Cat is a nickname, despite the facts presented which you are choosing to play semantics with so you don't have to admit to your original statement's erroneous classification of the Mad Cat designation.

    As you still can't admit that you were wrong I would have to say you are the one that is "dumb". Although I would most likely use a word such as ignorant. That ignorance is extended by your attempt to use inconsequential arguments in your fallacious disregard of the actual debate.

    Topic of Debate: Is the Mad Cat a nickname for the Timber Wolf?

    My Stance: As proven by the official Battletech Wiki, Mad Cat is the Inner Sphere designation for the Clan Battlemech designated by the Clans as the Timber Wolf, and is not a nickname.

    Your Stance: The official Battletech Wiki which clearly states the name Mad Cat is the Inner Sphere designation for the Clan designated Timber Wolf proves your previous statement that the name Mad Cat is a nickname.

    As a sidenote, in MW4 the Timber Wolf was not actually referenced as Timber Wolf, and was referenced as the Mad Cat. So care to share where it is you think that your stance is supported by any facts consistent with the lore of Battletech or even outside of that Battletech lore?

    I highly doubt you will actually present an argument, as your previous has simply been denying the facts, with nothing to support the rationale behind denying those facts, but feel free to actually surprise me with displaying even the slightest intelligence.

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