Beastmode: First Female Qualifies For Final Stage Of American Ninja Warrior (And Makes It Look Easy)

July 17, 2014


Meet 'Mighty' Kacy Catanzaro. A former cheerleader and the first female to qualify for the final round (Mount Midoriyama) of American Ninja Warrior. This is a video of her semifinal performance. She makes it all seem so effortless. Because, I'm going to be honest, there's no way I could complete any of those obstacles even riding on Batman's shoulders.

Keep going for a video of Kacy's solid performance. Then swear you're going to start going to the gym and maybe even get as far as signing up, but never going.

Thanks to christina and JA, who aren't fully convinced she's not some sort of cyborg from the future.

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    She is not human!!! Cheesy all the way! Even the audience being filmed behave as cheap actors deprived of realistic reactions. Incredibly embarrassing and ridiculous to watch.

  • quatro

    Those announcers are hilarious

  • fartbuckle

    So, what, the dishes are just supposed to do themselves?

  • Seth

    I thought he was gonna drop to his knee and propose at the end.

  • Seth

    What a bad ass.

  • zin

    I bet my life-savings that this lady was hired by American Ninja Warrior & trained up to be prepared. For "equality" reasons, as well as to encourage female contestants.
    Reality TV is the worst TV after all.

  • Forblat

    Can't tell if trolling, or just troll.

  • zin

    Full cereal

  • Erik11235813

    awesome job!

  • Incredible. What a terrific athlete.

  • Andyman7714

    What's amazing is that they don't have a different obstacle course for women. She did this on a man's turf. Bravo!

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Most obstacles relies more on agility than strenght, considering what olympic gymnasts can do i think the main problem of a woman would be height.

  • Guest

    yeah, but women always have their own lower standards. carry less weight/run less far for cops, lower hoops in basketball, all sorts of things.

    So its cool she ran the real course.

  • Guest

    Strength is very important, especially when you're only 5 feet tall. It doesn't matter how agile you are when you need to use your upper body strength to close gaps. And being a female gymnast, her power to weight ratio is ridiculous. If you really look at her run, it's almost all strength and stamina. Either way, it's a great run and she's a beast!

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Yeah, she would have a huge power to ratio but shorter limbs can be a disadvantage sometimes.

  • Brenda David

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  • Barry Tabrah

    It's a shame that we're not Ninja enough in the UK to be able to watch this.

  • same here in austria

  • a kunoichi = female ninja

  • asdfasdf

    kunoichi specifically using sex as their tool or cover for their assignment. Did she sleep with a host to get to do practice runs on the layout? or did you call her a whore by mistake

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