You're An All-Star: Dead Woman Attends Her Last Party

June 18, 2014


Say hello to Miriam Burbank. Now wave goodbye, because she's deceased. And her daughters decided to send her off the way she would have wanted: attending her own kickass party. Mission accomplished. I only wish I could have been there.

With a case of Busch beer by her side, a menthol cigarette in her hand, and a disco ball flashing overhead Miriam Burbank attended her last party.

Burbank's two daughters, who call their mom Mae Mae, said she was full of life and they wanted her funeral to reflect that. So they told the funeral home directors at Charbonnet Funeral Home what she liked and came up with this.

Aside from the beer and menthol cigarette, Burbank is sitting at a table in a living room type setting. Also the Saints lover has her fingernail painted black and gold.

Burbank's daughters said other family members seemed to enjoy this fitting goodbye.

Busch beer, whiskey, the Saints, a disco ball, and crossword puzzles? I feel like Miriam and I would have gotten along great. Hell, I even like the orchids and topiary in the back. It's a shame we never got to meet. At least she'll have a great view to watch Saints games from heaven. "The Saints play in a covered stadium." Pfft, all angels have laser vision. Rest in peace, Miriam. Oh, and make sure to use an ashtray and not flick your cigarette butts in heaven -- Jesus hates that.

Thanks to blue16, who has always wanted to attend a party with a dead person. Right? They made it look so fun in Weekend At Bernie's.

  • 5oh4

    This is an old school New Orleans tradition. Its more common than you'd care to think.

  • Looks like a "Dave"

    I read about a guy who was a big fan of a certain football team. They sat him in his La-Z-Boy as if he was watching a game, with all his team stuff around him.

  • baal

    I wonder if she met any new people or got a hook up later that night at the after party.

  • jrose

    Only in New Orleans.


    WHO DAT!?

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    Must not be that great of a party, she's been nursing that drink for ever.

  • Emmitt Morgans

    Now I'm just waiting for the news to break that this was just a viral teaser for 'Weekend at Bernie's 3: Weekend at Miriam's'... I don't know why this would happen otherwise.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Madea's Weekend at Bernie's.

  • That's a dead lady in that chair. Fun party. Cool dead lady.

    Jesus fucking christ.

  • Riz

    Say what you want, but I'd rather hang at my own wake than to be boxed in the last time I can be around. And if you're really disturbed there are human body museums where skinned corpses have been in expo for decades... Could be worse.

  • Captain Matticus, LP Inc.

    Burbank's two daughters, who call their mom Mae Mae, said she was full of life...

    ...said she was full of life...
    ...was full of life...

  • zin

    This is now a Mae Mae.

  • Patricia Steven

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  • Andrew Newton

    Watch out for the post-mortum hangover, those are killer.

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