Would Not Spit Out Like The Monster On Dagobah: A Full-Size R2-D2 Cake

June 6, 2014


This is the scale replica R2-D2 cake (previously: this hologram emitting one) created by the folks at Cakes Cove. They make custom cakes for weddings and parties. R2-D2's main body is all cake too -- no rice crispies or anything. Did you know the species of swamp monster that tries to eat R2-D2 on Dagobah is called a Habogad, which is Dagobah spelled backwards? That's true. I know things. Nothing that will ever make me rich or successfully, but you definitely want me on your team during trivia night at the bar. *yelling to intimidate the other teams* THAT FREE PITCHER IS OURS, WEAKLINGS! I WILL EAT YOUR HEARTS. "Sir? Trivia night isn't till tomorrow." Not again.

Keep going for a couple more shots.




Thanks to Marlene, who kept waiting for a scantily clad C-3PO to jump out and start dancing. Thank God that didn't happen.

  • Look up Cake Boss, R2D2, Comedy Death Ray to hear Paul F. Tompkins as 'Cake Boss' discuss making a sentient R2D2 cake by putting in too much cinnamon. He then had to eat the cake because it was too smart for its own good. In a second episode, Cake Boss revisits R2D2 cake in 'Sentient Cake Droid Heaven' only to find out that no one can understand its language and, surprise, it's the only inhabitant.

    Long story short, Comedy Death Ray/Bang Bang is awesome. And if these cake people didn't give credit where its due, they will rot in hell.

  • Wow.

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