Wheeee!: BMW Rally Car Catches Serious Air During Race

June 17, 2014


What the -- get down from there!

This is a short video of a BMW that believes it can fly during a rally race. Thankfully, it doesn't crash into the group of bystanders at the bottom of the hill. I was afraid that was going to happen. It didn't though, so that's a relief. Also: peeing after you've been holding it as long as you can. It's a little game I like to play. One time I drank two nights in a row and never went to the bathroom until the day after. The key was only taking shots. Plus double-looping a rubberband around my pecker. PROTIP: That also works great for long car trips.

Keep going for the video plus a BONUS one of a car taking a turn on two wheels.

Thanks to whoever posted this on their Facebook wall, who probably doesn't even read Geekologie and should be unfriended.

  • tseb

    crazy estonians

  • zin

    In related news, gravity still has its clutches on us & refuses to free us of our earthly binds.

  • da1nonlysage

    FFS, WHY!!?

  • You can't tell me the car "believe's it can fly" and then just show me the jump in full speed without a slow motion shot in air with R. Kelly's immortal ballad playing in the background... It's just not right...

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