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Simple Device Turns Plastic Bottles Into Plastic String


This is the plastic bottle to plastic string machine made by Russian engineer and Youtuber Адвокат Егоров. It uses a blade to cut the bottle into one continuous strip. Just don't go throwing it away all willy-nilly because I imagine a length of plastic rope could easily kill the shit out of some wildlife. I tried making my own but it's not working. "You're using a glass bottle." I knew it was something. Oh -- that reminds me. *opens basement door* YOU MADE ME RICH YET? "Please -- just let me go." Haha, not so fast Rumpelstiltskin. You're not going anywhere until I at least have enough gold to make a replica of the idol from Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to JWB, who once caught a 45-pound catfish with line made from a Mountain Dew Code Red bottle. Mmmm, love that stuff.

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  • Mark Burroughs

    where can you purchase this

  • kk

    can we make this machine at home which converts plastic botlles to strings

  • dingusthemonique

    I wonder if you could effectively use that string in a weed wacker?

  • Devin Wolfe

    106 or GTFO.

  • chinky chink

    lame. I'd be impressed if he was able to do that with a glass bottle.

  • RealityAlwaysBites

    Heat the glass to red hot first and you would be able to.

  • Fred

    Excellent means of recycling bottles. Of all the uses I have thought of putting them to I'm amazed I'd never even considered this. So simple... not sure what's with the ring and bow at the end of the video though.

  • kk

    from where can I purchase this machine in india

  • $18889437

    The ring is clearly meant to represent the endless circle of possible uses for everyday items such as plastic bottles and the bow and arrow are obviously a metaphor representing man's journey toward the target of discovery... did you not get that?

  • CheezePoof

    I believe the ring is one that has been made out of a coin (I've seen them made out of quarters). Since I don't understand Russian, I'll take your word for it that it's symbolic of reusing/repurposing. This guy is obviously a very clever person.

  • James Mcelroy

    A reel attachment would be nice, you know, so you could spool it while making it.

  • bertkrawl

    Figure out a way to wind that into the strings that 3D printers use and then we are set for life!

  • Jay Kidd

    I was thinking the exact same thing!

  • TwiZtedS
    "Exclusively printing in post-consumer waste, the EKOCYCLE Cube 3D
    printer recycles what you use, so you can remake into new, meaningful,
    beautiful and better things."

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