Rolling Out: Uber Offering Rides In Optimus Prime

June 18, 2014


To promote the new Transformers movie coming out, the popular ride-sharing service Uber (not the one with the pink mustaches) is offering rides in Optimus Prime this week. But only in Dallas, Phoenix and Los Angeles, and the date for Dallas already passed. But tomorrow (Thursday) the 19th from 1-7pm in Pheonix and Saturday the 21st here in Los Angeles you can request to ride in Optimus Prime. Obviously, demand is going to be off the hook and there's only one of him, so please nobody try to get him here in Los Angeles until I've already taken my turn. I deserve this.

Keep going for a shot of the app that suspiciously shows two Optimus Primes in service. Maybe there's MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE.


Thanks to GW's Robot Dinosaur Boner (what!) and james, who were really hoping to ride in Megatron instead.

  • Mr. K

    GW, I know what city you live in now. I'm coming there at the end of next month. I will find you. I have a certain skill set. Mostly one that buys peoples beers and pluralizes words that don't needs it.

  • Guest

    "ride-sharing service"..? Nice try, but no.
    Uber is a taxi service. It's the definition of a taxi service.
    If the only person you're 'sharing' your ride with is the person you're paying to drive you somewhere they had no intention on going themselves.. you are in some version of a taxicab - not a carpool.

    Sorry about not being silly in my comment. Here's this:
    I think you can sing that if you want.

  • mz001

    Too bad it's not a Freightliner FLA86 but just some truck in the style of the newer crap.

  • Guest


  • manyguestprease

    Or just a trucker?
    Drivers can identify trucks as easily as four wheelers can identify sedans.

  • Guest

    Nope. Just a nerd.

  • mz001

    Just 5 minutes of using Google search to find out the name of the original design, but being an arrogant asshole seems to come natural to you.

  • manyguestprease

    Has anyone told you, that you're a cunt?

  • Guest

    Ridiculously natural, nerd.

  • Emily Jimmy

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