OK Go's Latest Music Video Is All Optical Illusions

June 17, 2014


This is OK Go's music video for their latest single, 'Writing's on the Wall'. It's constant optical illusions. Unfortunately, I have a splitting headache so it was kind of painful for me to watch, but I could still APPRECIATE it. Like a statue of a naked man at a museum, but with less trying to take a picture holding his penis while security isn't looking. I have a whole Facebook album.

Keep going for the worthwhile eye-tricking video.

Thanks to Cyndi, who isn't convinced OK Go isn't more of a video group than a band.

  • Jackie Rogers Jr.

    Shite music. *puts Al Bowlly back on*

  • zin

    Wait wait wait... do perspective tricks count as optical illusions?

  • da1nonlysage

    I think so, I mean your brain is still being trick into seeing something that's not "true"

  • RiotDemon

    Well this made me dizzy. They have cool videos, but their music sucks.

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    I would had been even more impressed if the photographic print of the guy with thin hair who got pink paint spilled on him had exactly the same pink spill in the print.

  • ZerglingPack

    When all the people walked out at the end I'm pretty sure my brain had a stroke.

  • JJtoob


  • Carolynn Albert

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  • tester1

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  • Fiedely Halim

    my head exploded.

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