Guy Wearing Mentos Suit Drops Into Pool Of Coke

June 19, 2014

Note: Hit the audio button in the top left of the video if you like audio.

This is a short Vine video from Harley Morenstein (the guy from Epic Mealtime who looks like an alcoholic lumberjack) of a guy wearing a suit covered in Mentos being dunk-tanked into a vat of Coke. It's a teaser for their upcoming show EpicMealEmpire premiering July 26th on the FYI channel. Can anybody tell me if I get that station? SPOILER: I don't. But only because I don't have cable or satellite service. Or a TV. Or...a microwave? Holy shit I've been robbed.

Thanks to Linsdsey10s, who has numbers in her name. Now I'm jealous.

  • All these colorful Mentos make me hungry.

  • Spencer Charczuk

    David Letterman did it 30 years ago with an Alka Seltzer shirt.

  • dfghjkl

    Is this guy alive?

  • Mister Cerberus


  • Ethan C2H6 Martin

    The URL is " Guy wearing mentos suit drops into poo". My colleagues were a little creeped out when they saw the link. haha.

  • Guest

    we must make that title a reality!

  • Michael Knight

    looks more like guy thrashing about in coke than any kind of chemical reaction.

  • Syphon

    It more than likely is just that, also I don't think it's actually a chemical reaction with mentos and coke, just that the mentos provides an area for bubbles to form rapidly.

    If you look up some videos, there isn't much of a reaction when you add mentos to a class of coke after it has been poured.

  • Tom Raffel

    You're right, it's the tiny undulations on the surface of the Mentoes that facilitate the rapid production of bubbles.

  • I hate vine

  • Chris

    The sound guy better get fired. So unprofessional.

  • Jeanne William

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  • Jeanne William

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  • Mattdnu

    good for you!

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