Good Luck: Robot To Attempt Hitchhiking Across Canada

June 26, 2014


Meet HitchBOT. HitchBOT is going to attempt to hitchhike the 3,871-miles (~6,230km) across Canada from Halifax, Nova Scotia to Victoria, British Columbia. I have every intention of finding him, running him over, stopping and backing over him, running over him AGAIN, then calling the police and telling them I think I hit a deer.

Armed with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, hitchBOT will be capable of accessing Wikipedia, interacting with social media, and both recognizing and processing speech. One thing it can't do is move: hitchBOT is largely incapable of independent motion, and must rely on charm to secure rides

The hitchBOT team is hoping its creation can answer a question about human kindness. "Usually, we are concerned whether we can trust robots, " says Zeller in a statement. "But this project takes it the other way around and asks: can robots trust human beings?" HitchBOT's journey begins on July 27th.

SPOILER: No, robots cannot trust humans. Hell, humans can't even trust humans. Plus a couple days ago I pretended to have a treat in my hand but didn't and now my dog doesn't trust me. I've given her chicken for dinner two nights and a row and she's still giving me the side-eye. I suspect she's playing hard ball so I'll get her a new toy.

Thanks to Hellpickle and Orcbutt, both of whose parents sure know how to pick a good name.

  • Evidently Canadians haven't heard of terrorism because they seem to be trusting that this bucket they find on the side of the road with protruding electronics and wiring, won't blow up. It appears to have made it quite far:
    Hitchhiking robot charms its way across Canada (from @AP)
    Or perhaps they're using it as an excuse to use the HOV lane?

  • Zachary Zarko

    Want to freak out someone? When you stop next to a hitchhiker, keep all the car doors locked and continue staring straight ahead. Then, press the trunk release as you slowly turn your head toward them and smile.

  • carterdana

    I hope it gets thrown into Halifax Harbour and floats to St. John's, NL. Then it'll be a REAL cross-Canada trip.

  • iofo61

    Needs a built in fleshlight port if it wants to make it all the way across the country.

  • dougfunnay

    its going to boot up in a tub of ice to find that its missing several components

  • zin

    Queue the psycho that picks it up & locks it in his dungeon, inviting his friends over to circlejerk on & degrade it.
    Does it talk like a Portal turret?

  • Guest

    gotta pick a name that'll toughen your kid up if you die or abandon them. like naming your son sue.

  • just1nw

    Yeah, this thing isn't making it very far. They also missed an incredible opportunity to name it "The Littlest Robo" which would have gone over like gangbusters with a lot of Canadians.

  • Cheryl Justin

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  • Fred Willerbun

    My balls..... your mouth.

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