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Earth And Moon May Be 60,000,000 Years Older Than Previously Thought


Scientists analyzing the xenon gas in quartz crystals found in South Africa and Australia have determined the earth may be as much as 60-million years older than previously thought. Wow, a lot of missed birthdays. Fingers crossed it doesn't demand make-up presents.

New research indicates that the Earth and moon are 60 million years older than previously estimated. That is, the violent collision believed to have created the moon and gave Earth its current form occurred just 40 million years after the solar system formed some 4.5 billion years ago.

Previous estimates had the Earth and the moon forming 100 million years after the solar system's formation.

How confident are the researchers of their finding? Not super-confident. They acknowledged that the 60 million year figure may be off by as much as 20 million years.

No word what young earth creationists think about all this, but probably that science is bullshit and how can xenon gas in quartz crystals tell us anything about anything. And even if it could, Satan just put it there to make people question their faith because he's a dick and that's what he does. Plus meets newcomers at the gates of hell and makes them do jumping jacks clenching red-hot coals between their buttcheeks. That should be reason enough to repent.

Thanks to OC, who agrees the earth is only as old as it feels like it is. How old do you feel, Earth? "I dribble pee when I walk." Damn, you are old.

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  • CynicalChristian

    Re: Creationists response:

    1. They did some time back by pointing out that other crystals escape rate of helium points to well under 10K years. Look at the Rate group's data.

    2. Their response is the same as it always is: There are SO many different ways to test the age of the earth, and they ALL produce different answers (including the radiation breakdown testing of the layers NOT giving the same numbers when the same layer is tested by each method).

  • Guest

    Have you seen these fossil records?
    Have you pored through the data yourself? The numbers? The figures?
    Oh. Interesting.
    So let me get this straight
    You get your information from a book written by men you've never met.
    And you take their words as truth, based on a willingness to believe, a desire to accept, a leap of of, dare I say it? Faith?
    In the middle ages everybody knew there was proof, that somewhere in the Vatican were saints bones, painstaking records of every miracle all checked out and vetted and a chunk of the true cross. People had visions, prophets, healing powers. Jesus's personal diary and a vial of blood.

    Now I understand everybody knows there are volumes of proven data. Numbers. figures. so called "fossil records"
    but unless you check the data yourself you're no better than those peasants. may as well believe in alchemy

  • zin

    Does this mean we're now 60mil years closer to expiration than previously guesstimated?

  • Jfdelman

    Nah, it's 6,000 years old :)

  • Guest

    no. you got your facts wrong, white people are 6000 years old(created by big headed hictib the evil scientist who wanted to punish the utopian ebonic race by using magnets to graft a devil race to rule them. but fear not, for a mesiah will be born, a powerful black woman from the hollow earth who will breed out the albinoids and lead the unified black tribe to the paradise of mecca. The white devils were to rule for 6600 years, it has been 6700. the time of prophecy is at hand!
    so it is written, so it shall be.
    -from the book of (noi)5%)

  • chris

    I thought history started when I was born?

  • Guest

    RELEVANT history.

    there was much pointless dithering before that though

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Correct. Things really sucked before that.

  • Carolynn Albert

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  • balashi

    God, will science EVER make up its mind how old the earth is?

  • Frédéric Purenne

    Science is a tool to understand our universe, it's not there to make claims. If we EVER settle on a subject and say "that's that" then science failed.

  • Spectreman

    You must be one of those Flat Earther's. Don't you know that the science of Man Made Global Warming or Cooling or whatever climate change there is is indeed settled and "that's that?"

  • Frédéric Purenne

    No... you make no sense. We obviously do not understand climate fully even thought we know we're currently heating up our planet.

    What made you think I was denying anything science brought?

  • Spectreman

    /S Here is the sarcasm tag I forgot. But then, you are sure the science is settled that we are heating up the planet to disastrous effect. So which is it?

  • o0THX11380o


  • Frédéric Purenne


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