Dreams Really Do Come True: Boat Dock Collapses Under 22-Person Wedding Party During Photoshoot

June 3, 2014


In news that makes your wedding look like it went off without a hitch, this is a video from Dan and Jackie's wedding over the weekend in Minnesota. The entire 22-person wedding party (that's a huge wedding party) decided to have their photo taken on a boat dock before the ceremony. Unfortunately for them, it collapsed, bringing me great joy. A couple bridesmaids managed to escape getting wet, but the rest of the party wound up in the drink. You think any of those guys had their cell phones in their pockets? In my mind they all did. Luckily, the entire party managed to dry off quickly enough for the ceremony to start on time. No word if falling in a lake on your wedding day is good luck like rain. I bet there's going to be hail on my wedding day. "Hail?" No, HELL. Fire and brimstone.

Keep going for for your feel-good video of the day.

Thanks to whoever posted this on their Facebook wall which I couldn't find again, you are like a nameless superhero to me.

  • Irish-American

    It says the ceremony started on time, that they managed to dry off, how on earth do you 'dry off' men's suits and formal gowns?

  • what a wedding disaster!

  • zin

    Their tears make me hard.

  • Water is wet. Sky is blue. The universe punishes people who like Iggy Azalea. Where's the story?

  • Guest

    damnit, why are the women always first to evacuate? tux deposits can be expensive!

  • TheQiwiMan

    aaaaaaand not a single deposit was refunded that day.

  • Fred

    Collapsed under the weight of all that fake tan. The last time I saw that much purple and orange together was when I watched Willy Wonka...

  • jeffrey jakubowski

    i heard the music and immediately went "yep, these people are white."

  • If there were THAT many groomsmen in my wedding party, you'd think someone would've been like, "Common guys, that's too much weight." Or perhaps...

    (...wait for it...)

    pier pressure was their down-fall?

  • zin

    So close Beau, so close... downfall* (no hyphen, no -ing). That mistake ruined the otherwise spectacular pun for me.

  • Well said, I did awkwardly phrase that. All fixed. I'm glad someone else enjoys reasonable effort put into the art of punning. I hope my grammar did not cause you to...

    (...wait for it...)

    dock me upvotes.

  • Closet Nerd

    Thats good

  • Jason Christopher


  • Shelly Brian

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  • jarek redman

    Thanks for the info, Shelly. I'm very happy to hear your step-mother makes more money than me by sitting on her ass.

  • n11

    "OH MY GOD"
    How many times do you need to say it?!

  • Derek

    Oh my gad. oh my gad.

  • Fredrik Pettersen

    OH MY GOD! It seems that five times will suffice.

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