Bad Parkour, aka Parkour For The Common Man

June 10, 2014


This is a video of Craig Benzine involved in some "parkour for the common man." It's basically parkour without any impressive tricks or stunts (although I did find the "self-dodger" move at 1:20 pretty slick). So, what do you say -- meet at the middle school after work and do some parkour? "I'll pass." Cool, I was just going to stand you up anyways.

Keep going for the video. Then get out there and twist some ankles!

Thanks Craig, now how about some bad rollerblading to wash this down with?

  • Maxzilla60

    Hehey! It's WheezyWaiter! :D

  • GirlFromSpace

    I do this too. But I call it freestyle walking.

  • Mike

    Still better than me...

  • Julia David

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  • Royalblueduck

    I see a movie in the making

  • raditzzzz

    something with kevin james, where he needs to raise money to keep a school program from being discontinued and the only way to get the cash is by winning a parkour competition.

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