Swimming With The Birds: Two 38-Story Skyscrapers Connected At The Top With A Pool Bridge

May 16, 2014


This is the almost 600 apartment Sky Habitat currently being built in Singapore. The 38-story towers will have three 50-meter bridges connecting the two. The top one of which will be a pool. It looks like the perfect place to get out of the pool and die. "I suspect the deceased was trying to cheat at Marco Polo and got out on the wrong side of the pool. He was dry by the time he hit the ground," the coroner's report will read.

Keep going for a video about the towers.

Thanks to me, for being man enough to admit anything over three stories is too f***ing high for me.

  • jarek redman

    Rent can't be more than $200 or $300 a month.

  • Mike P

    "These is"? Long day or auto correct? Lol

  • Jared Gonzales

    That whole first sentence didn't make much sense to me. Did you understand what the "almost 600" described was about? 600 what?? Rooms, feet, dollars a month?

  • zin

    Good way to store emergency water. Can flood the buildings in case of fire. No drinky, full of bird/bat poo. Run a waterfall down the stepped balconies to reduce heat & add coolness. Fuck these buildings, where's my sci-fi architecture?!

  • Tom Restaino

    what about the roots to all of those trees? won't they kind of break through the floor after a while?

  • Guest

    they do tear up sidewalks by growing in the dirt below and expanding but that may need dirt or cracks in the fist place. have you ever seen/read about a potted plant explode? cause i think the palms are basically in pots.

    also i don't know if palms do that like regular trees, they seem like they'd just get rootbound and die if push came to shove?

  • Kevin

    the pools should have a glass bottom

  • MustacheHam

    That may result in yellower pools. :B

  • Rachel David

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  • Rachel David

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  • Guest

    all your examples are women, I assume I must be too? and that the working I would be doing is on my back?

  • Was my first thought. They should fire the architect for this oversight.

  • Guest

    hey if the deathray guy keeps getting work....

    but yes, yes they definitely should.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Knowing my luck if it did I would get half way across, have a panic and drown. Then everyone else could use me as a pool toy. I'm very boyant.

  • This opens up the first opportunity to BASE jump from a body of water into another body of water.

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