Beauty Is On The Inside: One Piece Anatomical Swimsuit

May 13, 2014


This is the $85 Dem Guts swimsuit from Black Milk. It's a one piece women's swimsuit printed with internal organs. It's weird to think we all have those things inside of us. I've always imagined my whole torso is just filled with blood. Apparently it's not though, apparently there are other things in there. Including a heart. A withered, coal black heart. "Awww, we love you, GW." Get off my lawn or I'll shoot.

Keep going for shots from all around. She has guts in her butt!





Thanks to lilco, who agrees beauty might be on the inside, but boobies are on the outside and those things are fun as shit to play with.

  • jin

    seriously. who gives a fuck about what she's wearing

  • Andyman7714

    Took a lot of guts to where that.

  • zin

    Oh man. oh man. ok, let's get it on.
    1) The print on the back is EXACTLY the same as the front. It's not even reflected.
    2) Why are there no kidneys? Bladder? Are we (I mean you!) censoring internal organs now?
    3) This has given me flashes of hentai imagery. I'm still not ok with hiding the reproductive organs though.
    4) The rectum & anus fall under points 2 & 3 due to being both a digestive & recreational organ.
    5)HA-HA-HIGH HEEEEEEEEELS on da beach. Technically platform shoes but whatever.

  • MustacheHam

    The easiest way to have a pool to yourself without using a chocolate bar. :B

  • Closet Nerd

    An anatomically correct one-piece that doesn't show the ONE anatomical piece we want to see .....just sayin

  • Rebecca Christensen

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