You're Weird: Guy Lives In Taxidermy Bear For Two Weeks

April 15, 2014


Because some artists are questionably even artists at all, French artiste Abraham Poincheval has been living inside a taxidermied bear for the past two weeks. Wow, what a groundbreaking performance piece. Call me when you're trying to sleep inside a LIVE bear for two weeks. Why is he even doing this? Survey says: probably some pretentious bullshit!

Since April 1, Poincheval has been partaking in the interactive exhibition at the Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature, essentially chilling inside a taxidermy bear with a sparse amount of food and water. He has some additional survival materials in there, including a light, cushion, kettle and toilet of some kind. The piece is meant to test Poincheval's physical limits while allowing the artist to get in touch with his animal instincts.

Yeah bro, there's nothing quite like listening to your iPod and napping all day to really get in touch with your animal instincts. Nice cardigan, what are you, a killer tiger? I wish I had two weeks with nothing to do but catch up on my rest and relaxation. But, oh right -- JOB. If somebody wants to commission me to come nap in something for two weeks, you've got yourself a deal. Hell, I'll even take my chances in a sex dungeon or shark tank. Real talk.

Keep going for a couple more pictures of the does anybody else really consider you an artist is it just something you insist on yourself?




Thanks to me, for at least being honest enough with myself to not consider myself an artist. PSYCHE, I AM LIKE PICASSO WITH WORDS ABOUT DICKS.

  • Andyman7714

    I find it unbearable.

  • Bubbubsky

    This isn't art....just like most modern "art" isn't art.

  • da1nonlysage

    A history lesson on a human's animal instincts:

    Kill again
    Kill some more

  • Guest

    you forgot "kill it with fire" thats a biggy. also "knives are awesome" and "how can i make this asshole bear go boom"

  • Spencer Charczuk

    Real men sleep in a tauntaun.

  • Guest

    some men ask why, geniuses ask why not

  • dougfunnay

    ive often wondered why bees dont have the anus of a frog.... you have just inspired me to make this a reality

  • adsfasdfasdf

    they'll call you mad at first but you'll show them all in the end. those foolish fools, always attacking what they do not understand.

  • ODwanKenObi

    Looks cozy to be honest.

  • Guest

    For an Apex, this is a luxury house.

  • paperboy

    Yep, whenever I feel the need to to test my physical limits while allowing myself to get in touch with my animal instincts, I lay down for two weeks with some tea and a book. I call douche.

  • zin

    Get in touch with nature... bring electricity with me.

  • Guest

    like lightning isn't part of nature. besides you'd be cool with bears taking their claws to get in touch with nature right? well fire electricity metal and stealing other animal's fur are all part of our nature :) hes just being good at human. its like saying "fight like a man" and complaining about hiding behind stone walls, using poison, or running away to snipe. or burning down the whole forest to get that one asshole wolf you were after possibly by mistake.

  • adsfasdfasdf

    depends on the animal and season. he chose a bear so i assume he considers this his spirit is it still winter in pretentious france? if not then douche.
    if so then probably still douche

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