This Isn't You!: Women Having Trouble Re-Entering Home Countries After Getting South Korean Plastic Surgery

April 17, 2014


Women traveling to South Korea for facial plastic surgery are finding it difficult to re-enter their home countries because they look absolutely nothing like they do in their passport photo. When reached for comment, South Korea's neighbor to the north had this to say, "Our space program has already colonized planets outside the solar system." North Korea, ladies and gentlemen! I wish I could lie to myself that hard.

According to Korean sites Onboa and Munhwa (via tipster Sang), some Korean hospitals are now issuing a "plastic surgery certificate" at the request of overseas visitors. Customs officials, of course, are strict about making sure people match the mugs in their passports. These certificates can supposedly help make clearing immigration go smoother so officials don't have to call hospitals to confirm procedures.

The certificates include the patient's passport number, the length of their stay, the name and location of the hospital as well as the hospital's official seal to certify the document. Travellers can show the forms to immigration officials on their return trip home.

You know, sometimes I wish I was prettier. But I am way too terrified of going under the knife to do anything about it. Like, I only go to the doctor when I'm positive I'll be dead within the week if I don't. I am not trying to die just to get my nose fixed. "Well I'd consider it." *covering face* Oh God, is it really that bad? "It looks like a boxer's ear." Get away, I SAID DON'T LOOK AT ME.

Thanks to Gary E, who's considering getting a little work done on his cheeks. Aww, but I think you look great as a chipmunk!

  • So prevalent has the trend towards plastic surgery become, South Korea now boasts the world's highest per capita use of plastic surgery as now one in every 77 people in South Korea now goes under the knife or needle in a bid to improve their looks. The question of course one ought to ask is why and how did this phenomenon become the must have do? What is it about the dislike of one's 'Asian-ness' and ​desire to replicate Western aesthetics?


  • da1nonlysage

    These women better marry someone handsome like GW or myself. Otherwise they will get divorced for spawning hideous children

  • Mister Cerberus

    Glory to Arstotzka

  • ProphetFlume

    Is wondering if she has trouble blinking post-surgery racist? It probably is. Everything is racist.

  • You've cracked the code.

  • Guest

    i wonder if its had any noticeable impact on her vision overall?

  • Guest

    It must have. Her eyes are almost 30% wider, no way that doesn't affect peripheral vision. I wonder if it helps her drive like Michael Jackson's nose helped him sing? She could claim it on health insurance as non cosmetic surgery that improved her ability to work.

  • Guest

    "East Asian moderate myopes have a greater degree of relative peripheral
    hyperopia and hence a more prolate ocular shape than
    do white subjects of similar central
    refractive error. Differences in ocular shape may play a role in the
    greater propensity
    for East Asians to develop and progress in
    myopia compared with whites."


  • Guest

    but if thats all she got those body scanners should still recognize her unique individual biometrics

  • Guest

    "let her through I recognize those tits"

  • Jared Gonzales


  • Ceii

    When she gets married and has kids...her husband will be like "why are my kids so ugly" and sues her. ROFL!

  • asdfadfs

    "they don't look like me. they don't look like you. I want a divorce, you don't deserve half, you were clearly fucking somebody else"

  • MustacheHam

    The face is a lie. >:3

  • da1nonlysage

    and the lie is NOt delicious

  • adsfasdfasdf

    and she'll deserve the hell out of it. misrepresenting her genes and screwing over that guy's kids

  • Brant_Alan

    Having played through Papers, Please having an unmatched photograph you must then use fingerprint identification. Why not just have that at the ready?

  • Well, I'm the last advocate for plastic surgery, but this girl does look considerably better. Though it looks like they added bags under her eyes.

  • Jared Gonzales

    She didn't just get her eyelids done, you can totally tell she had work done on her nose as well.

  • adsfasdfasdf

    and cheeks and chin/jaw

    so like the entire face then.

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