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They're Coming!: Zombie Face Paintball Masks


These are the £18 (~$30) made to order zombie face paintball masks for sale by eBayer corpseguy. Is he really undead? I'm not sure, but I've never heard of a zombie running an eBay store before, so that would be a first for me. They don't actually come with the helmet though, it's a just a latex mask you wear over an existing helmet to intimidate your foes. Because there's nothing more terrifying than a zombie with a gun. I'm kidding, there are tons of things more terrifying than a zombie with a gun, including, and not just limited to, a zombie with its teeth already buried in your f***ing neck. That's like, a REAL oh shit moment.

Keep going for a couple different styles, go to the auction page to see them all.





Thanks to Joe P, who agrees the key to winning at paintball is being on the team that can afford a tank.

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