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Poland Develops World's First Stealth Tank (Poland??!)


This is Poland's PL-01 Stealth Tank. It will be "the world's first fully operational stealth tank when it goes into service in 2018" (if you exclude all the other stealth tanks that have already been developed in secret that the government hides from us). You think the US government doesn't have stealth tanks? We have such stealthy tanks we can't even remember where we parked them.

At just 3/5 the weight of an American Abrams tank and powered by an advanced, high-efficiency, 940 HP diesel engine, Poland's newest direct support vehicle is a seriously efficient combat machine. The big news here, however, isn't an engine that's capable of running on algae-sourced diesel or some ultra-torquey electric drive motor- it's the PL-01′s composite body...

The stealth tank's proposed active infrared camouflage system can match the temperature of its surroundings, as well as go a step further- from concealment to trickery. By displaying a preprogrammed image on the temperature-controlled wafers of the tank's bodywork, the tank can make itself appear to be a car, a school bus, or even a person. According to FoxTrot Alpha, this technology (if it proves reliable) could make enemy detection of the stealth tank almost impossible during nighttime operations.

Poland's PL-01 stealth tank is also said to be coated almost entirely with radar absorbing paint.

There's a video highlighting all the tank's features after the jump, which seems like an odd thing to do when you're developing a stealth tank. Here's our new stealth tank, and here's how it works just in case you want to develop ways to get around it. That sounds very Polish of them. Speaking of -- how many Polish army men does it take to get a stealth tank started in the morning? Zero, none of them could figure out how to set their alarm clocks the night before.

Keep going for a couple closeups and two videos.



Thanks to Jo B, who agrees the stealthiest tanks aren't tanks at all, they're blimps. They'll never look for a floating tank!

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  • Jeff Blodgett

    For a stealth tank, there sure are a ton of 90 degree angles.

  • Shawn Chong

    Awesome tank is a fail....unless......

    the enemy believes your a person running at 40 km/h and your exhaust is a really huge Fart Cloud.......

  • Guest

    what if they bottle it into some kind of compressed air tanks and just dump them out the back?

  • asdfadfs

    they'll never hear it coming, cause that guy is outside so he can push. no engine sound, like the red october

  • OrehRatiug

    "I can't let you do that Starfox!"

  • zin

    Thermoptic Camo when?

  • The Planet Pluto

    So how armored is it exactly? Other tanks tend to be able to shrug off some heavy hits but this looks like you could get through it with a butter knife.

  • Apollad

    Main Battle Tanks of this day and age are all relatively lightly armored compared to the WW2 Era tanks. Which isn't really surprising when you consider that in almost all cases, by the time a tank was developed, there was a gun developed that could penetrate it's thickest armor. Additionally, with the increased accessibility of High Explosive Anti Tank Weaponry to Infantry platoons (And Multi-purpose Fighter Bombers, who could just drop a bomb on top of a slow tanks and destroy it.), Tank manufacturers determined that it was a much better idea to make tanks nimble enough to try and dodge as much fire as possible.

    Now, most of the 'Armor' you see on a tank is actually specialized 'Spall Liners' which are designed to, when hit, cause a counter detonation to prevent, or at least mitigate the effects of the HEAT or Fearful HESH rounds from impacting the actual tank (A Spall Liner is simply explosives that are designed to detonate outwards from the tank, to mitigate or neutralize the effects of the explosions from enemy shells)

    This tank however, is more of a 'Tank Destroyer' than an actual tank, designed to use it's stealth characteristics to hide itself long enough to allow it to get the first, or possibly even second hit, then use it's manuverability to dart away, using it's stealth characteristics to remain hidden as it repositions itself elsewhere, and one decent shot is all it ever took to 'disable' a tank. Even destroying a single drive wheel or the tracks can cripple a tank's movement.

  • You can't kill what you can't see.

  • arturo

    Right. This video demonstrates it's ability to hide. I think it's really impressive.

  • Miso Corny


    old polish man in Mr. Rogers sweater: "What's that noise honey?"

    Old Mrs. Doubtfire wife: "I dunno hunny. Is that the neighbor's garbage disposal?"

    "Hmm, must be."

    Because what good is a stealth TANK???? No one is missing tanks when they are looking for them because you can hear them miles away!

  • Apollad

    This tank isn't really designed to be running on the front lines, it's more something akin to a Anti-Tank gun, gets maneuvered into cover, concealed and then only use minimum engine power required to stay quiet. Then, once it's had a chance to take out a couple of enemy tanks and it's cover has been blown, Get out of there, using it's Stealth like mechanics and high P/W Ratio to try and remained concealed for as long as possible as it makes a rather nimble and quick escape.

  • Piotr K.

    If You use RPG, stealth will not help You.
    But, if You use modern anti-tank rocket, it will be blind.
    This make it stealth.

  • asdfadfs

    not when you get out and push

  • Austin Baker


  • hippidy

    Hate to break it to you Poland... but I can still see it.

  • Emma John

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  • kristopher

    I hope they make drone versions of these bad boys

  • rchee

    I'm from Poland and contrary to popular belief we are not peasants with pitchforks. I suggest you read the history of our military.

  • I like the part of your military history where you attacked German Tank Units with Calvary. That was awesome.

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