I Can Get Behind That: They're Rebooting Gauntlet

March 18, 2014


So they're remaking the arcade classic Gauntlet. This is one of the very few reboots I don't actually have a problem with. That is a RARITY. Like finding a diamond at the beach. Obviously, since I have the most experience with spells I will be playing as the wizard. The game will be released this summer for the PC, but I'm not sure if it's coming to any consoles. Are you and I going to beat it together? I hope so. I mean, if it even has an ending. It could just go on forever -- like our love. "I hate you." I HATE YOU WAY MORE.

Keep going for the official trailer.

Thanks to Greg, who's going to play as the Elf. That leaves us Warrior and Valkyrie positions available on our team.

  • Patrick Arnone

    As a D3 player. I say this looks dope!

  • Matt Smith

    This looks really similar to Forced...

  • Andrew Barton

    oh my gosh i am totally geeking out right now!!! i loved this game and i cant wait! thank you GW for posting or i might not have heard about it

  • Jessica Robinson

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    ❤❤❤� ❤❤❤ ❤❤❤ ❤�❤❤ ❤❤❤I HATE YOU WAY MORE.

  • Breno Pires

    Hey GW... Geekologie is giving malware false-positives again...

  • bigalosu

    Yes, I got that on Monday.

  • Guest

    blue gw needs food badl- actually I think you could stand to lose some weight, we're all worried about you bro

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