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Functional Computer Keyboard Made Out Of LEGO


This is the functional computer keyboard constructed by Jason Allemann out of nothing but LEGO bricks and the dome-switch circuit board from a donor keyboard. Although whether the keyboard was a WILLING donor remains to be decided by a criminal court.

Keep going for a video about how the keyboard was built and a demonstration.

Thanks to Jamie and AC, who are the opposite of hunt-and-peckers.

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  • blastise
  • Kuba
  • jaklin hammam
  • bardyt
  • dingusthemonique

    *"computer cable" :(

  • MustacheHam

    Very impressive design with Legos. Now it is the mouse's turn. >:3

  • Charles Whelan

    Cool, but I wish my AV didn't go nuts every time I visit this blog... Actually while typing this my AV just removed a "threat" (trojan horse generic9)..who knows, maybe im the only one having this problem...

  • Nalyr

    It's not just you. My antivirus has been popping off about this site every few days for the past week+ too. Something about iframes.

  • iRawr

    Same for me, in fact I am warned not to visit the site due to many virus threats over the last few weeks. It's usually a dodgy advertising agency/site that the site uses.

    Geekologie has a bit of a penchant for trackers/beacons/analytics/widgets, all of which can be compromised. 26 tracking/analytic sites are loaded when visiting Geekologie.

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