Dog Toy Chest Dispenses Treats When Dogs Return Toys

March 26, 2014



This is the Tidy Dog (currently a Kickstarter project), a chest for dog toys that rewards a treat whenever your dog returns a toy after playing with it. I can see it now -- Day 1: My dog tears the box apart, eats all of the treats, and most of the box itself. She does not f*** around.

Tidy Dog uses sensors that detect the weight of a toy when the dog puts it away, and automatically dispenses a treat as the reward. The creators promise that it can detect even the lightest dog toys, which is key for people who own small animals.

One of the first concerns addressed by the Tidy Dog team is the fact that a smart dog would be able to trick the system by simply placing its own weight inside of the bin to get it to dispense the treats. The creators promise that the load cells can detect small vibrations that happen when a dog is pressing down on the bin, and it will not dispense a treat until it is completely stabilized. Additionally, when a toy is removed, the bin will not dispense a treat for 30 seconds, preventing the crafty dog from simply removing and placing a toy back in the back in quick succession to get extra treats.

There is no way my dog would not just constantly remove, wait the 30 seconds, then return her toys until there were no more treats. Dogs are HARDCORE when it comes to treats. My dog is so hardcore about treats that on walks I catch her trying to eat rocks that LOOK like her treats.

Keep going for the Kickstarter video.

Thanks to Andreas, who trained a cat to pick up after the dogs. Cooooooool!

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  • silentstone7

    Step 1: Dog falls asleep in toy chest.
    Step 2: Dog awakens several hours later to find a plethora of treats.
    Step 3: Dog assumes toy chest is magic while human refills it.
    Repeat steps 1-3 until human is bankrupt and dog is fat.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Yeah, they will either take the toys and put back until it runs out of treats or chew the thing down until they reach them

  • ODwanKenObi

    I'll buy that for a dollar.

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