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All 32 NFL Teams' Star Wars Themed Football Helmets


Well, the football season is over and the Redskins lost -- AGAIN. We came close though. "You only won three games." I'm not even sure if we should be considered a professional team anymore. Maybe a couple years of arena football and we can come back. This is a series of football helmets designed by Mexican artist John Raya featuring a different Star Wars theme for all 32 NFL teams. Ugh, of course they made the Redskins the Gungans. I mean, we deserve it, I get it. Still doesn't make it hurt any less.

Keep going for the other 31.
































Thanks to Wooz and Michelle, whose teams undoubtedly got way cooler designs than mine did.

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  • Yezzir!

    Since the Packers are named after the Indian Packing Company, I think a good name would follow the Trade Federation, like "The Viceroys" or "The Federation"

  • wampa's? not good use wampa face is a best

  • Danny Meeker

    There is only one....VADER NATION!

  • Phillip William Gauthier

    i'm a patriots fan, i live in new england, i love that they're the jedi. but if you base it off of the rest of the countries opinion of us, we should be the gungans. here's why, much like jar jar binx, every one hates the patriots, they feel as though we are lowering the brand and spitting in the face of everything true fans of said brand love. people blame jar jar for ruining the integrity of the star wars brand through out the first 3 movies instead of blaming george lucas who allowed this shit to happen. just like they blame the patriots for ruining the integrity of the superbowl because of allegedly deflated balls in a playoff game instead of blaming roger godell who was told about it in week 11 and did nothing about it then.

  • Guest

    Pats need to be the Sith, that logo with the face that was used for the Ravens/Sith would be perfect. Pats are the epitome of the Sith.

  • Phillip William Gauthier

    really? the ravens shouldn't be the sith? doesn't having a murderer and a wife beater on your team and trying to cover it up, seem a little more evil than video taping from a sideline 7 years ago, and possibly playing with 1 psi less in the ball?

  • Guest

    Oh, I wasn't aware that Rice or Lewis were still on the team. If we are going with past players, Hernandez who is currently suspect in two separate murder trials and a third nonlethal shooting counts. The Ravens are far from being a standup team, but the Patriots do not under any circumstances deserve to be "jedi".

  • Phillip William Gauthier

    Ray Lewis was kept on the team for like 12 years after being brought up on murder charges. He retired on that team. The Ravens then, had Ray rice. An incident occurred with his wife on camera, and the Ravens tried to cover it up for months and only released him at the beginning of the season due to social pressure.... As soon as the allegations were made that Aaron Hernandez was a murderer the patriots dumped his contract, offered fans an exchange on jerseys and distanced themselves from him... There's a huge difference between how the organizations handled their respective dirtbags.

  • Bering2020

    How can Dallas not be the Death Star

  • James T. Hughes

    I may be a Seahawks fan, but goddammit Greenbay as The Hutts is bloody perfect.

  • I thought C-3PO was just a "Droid" - it's not an "Android"

  • Brandon Honore

    is the rebels the cowboys?

  • Mike Olson

    Pretty cool

  • dale71

    Pats portrayed as Jedi? IT'S A TRAP!

  • Brad Wegelin

    Fly, Yodas fly, you must.

  • Darth Punisher

    Granted this is an old thread, but someone needs to come up with a way to get these printed up on mini helmets. I would buy

  • Mario Dubbz Wright

    I like the wookies and the royal guards the best.
    Some of these are pretty stupid though.

  • Mike

    Vaders Nation!

  • madmanmn

    must be a Pats fan. Booo...

  • LuTang

    I think the Bears should have been the Wookies. I think that's an obvious miss.

    I LOVE that the Redskins are the Gungans. A team accused of having a racially insensitive name re-named after a supposedly racially stereotyped character.

    I would probably switch the Patriots to the Siths, because we all know Belicheck is the Evil Emperor.

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