Star Wars Makes An Appearance At NY Fashion Week

February 17, 2014


Seen here being modeled by a group of women that look like they're ready to kill (and I suspect at least the two on the left already have), the Star Wars dresses designed by fashion house Rodarte prepare to be walked down the runway during New York Fashion Week. You know, I think I would be a good fashion designer. I have an eye for good looks. Not for myself though, I dress like somebody who's been decomposing in the woods for a couple years. Have raccoons eaten my eyeballs? Maybe! You have to work with a woman's natural shape, that's my point here. Accentuate le boobies, mon ami (that was some fancy French fashion talk btw).

Thanks to Bryk101, who would look absolutely stunning in one of these.

  • Jon

    Someone give those girls some food.

  • Shan Rose

    Today fashion trend is too popular among peoples '

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  • I don't know why it make me lough. :D
    No doubt, this pic having outstanding fashion but i did not get any attraction from there. I would like to invite you check out more latest fashion here.


  • Look at those dress! So fashionable.

  • Proteon

    The sauce is weak with this

  • These are not the dresses you are looking for.

  • whacko

    As if hot chicks need any more attention from nerds...

  • scary chicks*

  • lorrrd

    frankly : it looks like made in 2 hours w/o any shame , regret nor honor
    ...ok its fashion, so ftw i am talkin`...
    >> my mother works at the shopping-channel and i gave her some curtains !
    Look what she did overnight ! she even hid (cacheé = as well fancy frog-mouthing)
    the flat breasts ! Hey therefore "accentuated" the empty debility in their faces - well done mommy ! <<
    preaching to the choir - since americans ever had decent designers ...
    - no but you got klein, lauren , karan & hilfinger (hurts even 2 write that con-artist-names) Good Night NY ! Good Bye USA !

  • lorrrd

    well well , sorry obama , sorry pentagram !
    admitting : them two in the back are almost "chic"
    the front-row-triple is real creepy , would any1 wear that at any convention ?
    i mean outside africa ??
    wasn`t a Q !
    send me some postcards 2 france , we dealt that deck !
    (225ys w/o humor) lol

  • Guest

    I appreciate this, but I don't think I'd want to wear Luke or C3P0 on my secret area.

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