Sometimes I Wish I Was A Lady: Leather Armor Corsets

February 19, 2014


These are the intricate leather armor corsets made by Andrew Kanounov. If I were a lady I would kill for one. Hell, I'm not a lady and I'd still rock one around the house pretending to be Xena Warrior Princess while my roommate is at work. Will I be swinging a sword? At least a broomstick! Will I be ricocheting one of those metal Chakram throwing disks off the walls? No, I don't have one. Although I think my roommate has a Frisbee he uses to break up weed in. Maybe I could borrow that. Now, which one of you wants to come over and play my partner Gabrielle? Oh, and dudes only -- this is serious role-playing business, not sexy time.

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Thanks to Queen B, who agrees they need to make them with weapons attached for boob to boob combat.

  • Imadethisnameup

    GW, you don't have to be a lady to wear it.
    We can get two and dance around my apartment together.

  • TalonDesigns

    Considering that armor has not always been made of metal, and that these are supposed to be reminiscent of (probably) dark age era armor (with a flair), I would say that he is not the one that is confused with what armor is.

  • Bahahaha... You're right. I'm confused. This is totally armor from the dark ages. ;D

  • TalonDesigns

    "reminiscent": reminding you of someone or something else: similar to something else (source: MW)

    Considering the dark ages brought forth many more ornate types of armor, due to the ability to create new designs and shapes with new tools of the era, I would say that yes. This is reminiscent of the dark age era armor. With a flair.

    Also - hardening leather. Using water and bees wax, you can make a very strong armor, highly suitable for protection, which is what armor is for.

    Unless I am mistaken, of course. Then by all means, correct me. Give me some insight, instead of being a smartass.

  • Look, I feel like we got off on the wrong foot here. You used the word reminiscent, not me. If you think it only REMINDS you of armor then don't tell me I'm confused about what armor is. This isn't armor any more than wrapping a towel around my head is a helmet. I think you know that as well as I and you are just trying to make a meaningless point on the internet.
    I get that actually, I do it all the time...

    But these are thinly cut, ornate corsets. I could cut through it with spork. Cutting up leather into thin strings doesn't make "armor with a flair". It makes it not useful in any way as armor. I appreciate that you changed your comment to call me a smartass instead of a cocky douchebag, but neither are warranted. You are making an illogical point and for me to have a goofy response is the only way to keep me from actually entering into a serious logical debate about whether these lady garments with built in boobs are or ever could logically be considered a piece of armor and provide protection from an attacker. But then we are. To be honest, my first comment was clearly just meant to be funny anyway. Don't go around ruining perfectly good lighthearted fun by trying to debate the semantics of a meaningless point using an illogical platform. I wish you the best in all your future internetting.

  • Imadethisnameup

    Holy shit you need to get laid.

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