How To: Not Get Your Car Started By Roping It To The Back Of An Unknowing Bus

February 25, 2014


Russians: they'll try anything. Sometimes it works out, other times they die. At least they tried though. This is a video of two Ruskies roping their car to the back of a city bus to try to get the vehicle started. The car does not get started. But they do chase behind it right before it smacks into the back of a parked car, just in time for the cops to show up though. I've got the feeling these two aren't the same guys who climb to the top of buildings and hang off the side with no parachutes.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to BBQ, who I thought I smelled earlier before realizing it was just a pulled pork stain on my shirt.

  • Jonathan Slamko

    new video here as old one was taken down

  • Benjgos
  • Matthew Mack

    Seems staged. They just happened to be filming? It just happened to smash into a police car?

  • Konstantin

    You can hear the girls who are filming it discussing it. I didn't quite catch why they were filming it, but it seems that whatever these guys were trying to do to start the car before that caught their attention. In the age of cell phone cameras, that's all it takes.

    And they car the crashed into wasn't police. Looks like a taxi. The road police did have most amazing timing, though.

  • joevsyou

    thats some fast police services they got

  • Patricia J. McDaniel

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  • JJtoob

    Russian ingenuity. Not a good example of it.

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