How To: Make A Practice Kissing Pillow (With Mouth!)

February 18, 2014


This is the Instructable developed by Emily Grace King for how to make your own practice kissing pillow. Basically you sew the nose and mouth from a CPR doll to a pillow. Don't have access to any CPR dolls? I don't know, maybe knock the head off a mannequin at the mall or something. Although why they only use the nose and mouth part is beyond me. Forget a pillow, I'll just cuddle with the whole head. And maybe drape an arm over me while I sleep. Also, never let a roommate borrow your practice kissing pillow, because if you think for one second he's not gonna have it practice kissing his penis, you clearly overestimate the quality of Craigslist roommates. They all have records.

Keep going for a couple different ones. One time a girl kissed me so hard I almost threw up.




Thanks to lilco, who agrees the best kissing practice is done in the mirror so you can look deep into your own eyes and realize just how weird you're being.

  • Guest

    if not in a home with a cpr dummy(comeon who has that?) just use a sex doll. a virgin one not some used slattern off cregslist, you don't want that.

  • fdafda

    put your tongue on my tongue"

    -dead sexy

    also cpr dummies don't have tongues... and the texture is all wrong

  • fdafda

    but....but if he already had the cpr dummy! then again those are obviously male and the pillow is easier to pretend female?

  • MustacheHam

  • Donna Leonard

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  • Matty Spinny

    sounds like Donna knows what she talking about.

  • Dave King is the creator!

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