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Dreams Really Do Come True: Cannabis Infused Beef Jerky


This is Badfish Extracts' cannabis infused beef jerky. It's currently being evaluated by third-party tester Santa Cruz Labs to see how potent it is before hitting the market. That's the thing about cannabis edibles -- you never know what you're getting yourself into. Sometimes you eat something and an hour later you don't feel anything. And other times you eat something and an hour later you feel like you are f***ing TRIPPING. Then you pass out and wake up and you are STILL HIGH AS A SPACESHIP. Man, those were the days. "Were?" *wink* WERE (everybody smile and wave to parole officer Morales).

Thanks to T-Dunk, who made me think of Dunkaroos and now I want Dunkaroos.

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  • Ninja_Cricket

    Cannabis condoms and now Jerky. Is Geekologie becoming a stoner blog?

  • Guest

    ic. make it fish jerky at the least

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