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Deadmau5's Nyan-Cat Wrapped Ferrari 458 Italia


These are shots of Deadmau5's Ferrari 458 Italia wrapped in a Nyan Cat theme (complete with EPICLULZ! license plate). Apparently he plans on driving it in the Gumball 3000 rally this year if his single-seater BAC Mono isn't built in time. Wow, must be nice having a Ferrari backup. I have a backup car too you know. It's called a bike. I have a bicycle backup too. It's a bus pass. Dammit, why couldn't I be some rich DJ? I know beats. *nn-TISS nn-TISS nn-TISS nn-TISS nn-TISS* "Please stop." *Wicky-wicky*

Keep going for a shot of the other side.


Thanks to Tom Charmer, who wooed me with his small talk and devilish smile.

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  • Joey Svitek

    I hope his Mono is completed in time. It's a seriously badass car.

  • Superior_Joe

    I want to shoot this car with those bullets from a few days ago that looked like a bloomin onion.

  • insipid2000

    I cant wait for him to wrap it around a light pole.

  • MustacheHam

    Nicely done, this design is in good taste. :D

  • Frédéric Purenne

    I concur, but I would have went with a darker/sober blue rather than that baby blue.

  • Laura Toby

    іf­ y○ս­ tհіոk­ Jeff`s­  st○ry­ іs­ іոсredіble,,­ 1­ week­ ag○­ my­ sіs­  w○rked­ aոd­ g○t­ рaіd­ $6699­ graftіոg­ a­ fіfteeո ­ հ○սr­ week­ fr○m­ tհeіr­ aрartmeոt­ aոd­ tհeіr­  с○-w○rker's­ m○m`s­ ոeіgհb○սr­  հas­ d○ոe­ tհіs­ f○r­  ոіոe­ m○ոtհs­ aոd­ br○սgհt ­ հ○me­ ○νer­ $6699­ іո ­ tհeіr­ sрare­ tіme­  fr○m­ tհere­ maс.­ tհe­  adνісe­ fr○m­ tհіs­ sіte,... WWW.Profitbeatsnow2014greatfrl...

    ★★★ ★★⭥★ ★★★⭻★ ★★★I have a backup car too you know. It's called a bike.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I actually really like this. Awesome.

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