Cat Breeders Develop Breed Of Werewolf Looking Cats

February 10, 2014


Sure to be all the rage in the goth community (which I am a huge proponent of), a group of cat breeders have developed Lykio Cats, a breed that stems from a genetic mutation in a domestic shorthair cat that prevents it from growing a full coat of fur (including on its face), giving it the appearance of a werewolf. Pretty cool, but I want a cat that looks like a FALCON. "That's big enough to ride?" That's big enough for BOTH OF US to ride. Technical stuff:

"Upon starting the program, we decided that testing would need to be done to ensure that we are not dealing with disease or disorders causing the hair coat appearance. Infectious disease tests were performed first in my clinic. DNA testing was done by UC Davis to confirm that these cats do not carry the Sphynx/Devon gene. We also performed a DNA panel for genetic disease, color, and blood type. At the University of Tennessee, dermatologists examined them for any skin abnormalities (and they too fell in love with these cats and we have quite a fan club there!). Along with biopsy samples of the skin, the dermatologists could find no reason for the coat pattern. What they did find is that some hair follicles lacked all the necessary components required to create hair (which is why they lack an undercoat). They also found that the follicles that were able to produce hair, lacked the proper balance of these components to maintain the hair (which is why the Lykoi do molt and become almost completely bald from time to time). Our cardiologist performed some cardiac scans to look for any structural problems with the heart.

In the end, we found that the cats are healthy, and the hair pattern is not from any known disease or disorder. It was determined that it was indeed a true natural mutation, and our breeding program began. September 14, 2011 we welcomed the first kitten from a Lykoi Cat to Lykoi Cat breeding.... She has been named "Daciana" and to date she is the only known second generation Lykoi."

Admittedly, I kind of want one. My only problem is there are so many shelter kitties that need good homes. And once you go and look at them in their little cages your heart melts and you just want to take them all home but you can't because that makes you a hoarder so you just pick one or two that really sing to your soul and then the next week they're climbing your f***ing curtains and walking all over the kitchen counter. And you love them. They'll shit right next to their litterbox but you love them.

Keep going for several more pictures, and a couple videos. But be sure to check out the breeder's website and Facebook page for a ton more.




Thanks to KidGorgeous, who's so gorgeous that trying to look at him is like trying to stare at the sun FROM ITS SURFACE.

  • Tosh

    I'd get so tired of having to explain to people that it's not sick. They're kinda roadkill-ish but I'd still get one & name it Vlad.

  • Angel Nahid Lancaster

    First off they do not look like Werewolves (IMO), instead they look like spider monkeys. Second, there are "thousands and thousands" of homeless kittens and cats, lingering away and being put down daily in shelters, why make it harder for them to find homes, by creating yet "another" breed of cat, especially one who looks like it has mange!

  • disqus_pNGZO9tVnN

    Why you fcked up the cats. This is realy ugly and looks like a rat!!!

  • glitterabuse

    Can you not read? They did not INTENTIONALLY create this. They happened upon it, studied it, THEN after they found it unrelated to a health disorder, bred two of them, to create one second generation intentionally.

  • zin

    So did everyone just forget that werewolves are canines & note felines?

  • OzzyLovesBabyShampoo

    nope, nobody forgot. They resemble werewolves. See?

  • Lisa Rakers Jones

    Would propagating this mutation really be for the betterment of the breed? Or would it fall to the side once the 'rage' and fad of it gave way and the shelters would be left to deal with the fall out.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Almost certainly going to happen that way, and the smaller amount of hair makes them more vunerable to cold etc. Never a good idea to breed in any weakness.

  • glitterabuse

    Um..... lol. The stupidity is magnificent. Sphynx cats are COMPLETELY hairless, & they are incredibly healthy, sturdy, popular cats. I had one that cost me $1,500.00 & that was one of the CHEAPER ones. I drove to Brooklyn NY to get him. He did not require any real special care, other than weekly baths. He didn't need any clothes, he didn't need special heating items, I didn't need to keep my heat jacked up.

    So no, it's not a weakness. But your ignorance is.

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I think you might have misunderstood what I was saying. I meant that having less fur means that its harder to stay warm, and that being less able to stay warm was a disadvantage. If you want to dispute that then I can't really help you. On I side note, I loved the random inclusion of the price of a sphynx cat in your post, what relation to what I wrote did that have? Or how far you went to purchase your cat?

  • Looks nothing like Oliver Reed.

  • MustacheHam

    They look more like...*wait for it*....monkey cats! :D

  • Deksam

    part sphinx i take it.

  • glitterabuse

    .... helloooooo is nobody reading? THEY TESTED FOR ****SPHYNX GENES... THEY DID FIND THEM.

  • Beanhimself

    All that science and they still taste like like chicken.

  • These are some ugly-ass cats.

  • FearlessFarris

    Kind of neat, but I feel like I'd be constantly explaining to people that it's a special cat that looks like a werewolf and that I paid alot of money for, and not just a really unhealthy cat that's losing its hair.

  • glitterabuse

    Hahaha that made me LOL.

  • Matticus Morgan

    I've had a few cats that looked like that but, they were just tomcats that loved to fight :/

  • Joel Lamm

    it just looks like it has mange......

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