Austrian Designer Invents Way Cooler, Less Practical Door

February 13, 2014


This is Austrian designer Klemens Torggler demonstrating one of the kinetic sculpture doors he's created. It's pretty cool. And it is practical from a 'It doesn't swing into the room and take up any space' standpoint. But it's not very practical from a locking standpoint. I like a door that can lock. My apartment door is a bad example. It just has a hole where the knob used to be. When I go to bed at night I push a cinderblock against my side and hope for the best. *rustling, voices* Dammit, I'm on the shitter but it sounds like I'm being robbed right now.

Keep going for three worthwhile videos of different styles of his doors in action. I think you'll particularly like the second one.

Thanks to Icehawg, jules, Brax, Daniel and Scuttle, who prefer doors that are kick-downable.

  • RDarker

    Can it keep out the zombies?

  • fdafda

    #1 is kinda cool, #2 is definitely the best, 3 is a bit disappointing

  • fdafda

    i donno, that steel one looks like it could support a lock. just needs a latch to hold the pivots the rails together...

    i described that badly, but imagine those rods held on with nails that stick out and an s shaped bit of metal connecting them

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    I really like the folding one, it has a nice effect as it moves.

  • ODwanKenObi

    bye bye fingers

  • Grob

    that motherfucker

  • fdafda

    dat creaky floor

  • TheOtherJK

    Yep. Dude innovative door design, medieval floor.

  • Jeezy

    This is technically more practical when you consider it doesnt have to swing out, taking up no extra space when opening.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    Is there any advantage over gliding doors?

  • Douglas Stuart

    No tracks! Actually, this is ideal for my office in the attic. The stairs come out right into where the roof is low. Any conventional door would either 1) hit the "ceiling" or 2) have to open OUT over the steps down. Installing a rolling door would mean wasting space on tracking on the inside of the room.

  • fdafda

    could probably be insulated better than a sliding pocket door, or easier after market installation since it looks like it just screws on instead of needing part of the wall hallowed out?

    i mean its described as sculpture, it isn't actually supposed to be more practical anyway. as art its amazing it does anything useful at all. usually art is a statue of mohamad sunk in a tank of dog piss and bacon grease, a book of the first names of everybody the artist met over a 5 year period in random order with no context, or a nice painting if you're really really lucky.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    I know it is art and cool and all but I'm trying to find an advantage for this design. Nothing so far.

  • whooper

    i think that was mentioned in the article

  • John_Drake

    It does take up space alongside the door though. That means that any corridor would have to be at least two door widths.

  • Gingerbread

    Also, using 2 perfect squares that don't seem to overlap much, the width / height ratio has to be somewhere near 2:1 so for an 80" tall door, 40" would be needed in width. For indoor use that's pretty wide, even though the door opening itself doesn't need to be as large as the door. Cool concept, but not flawless indeed.

  • Metaripley

    How manny fingers can it cut at the same time?

  • Azariel_z

    me too, poor kids...

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