And Only A Quarter: Crack Pipe Vending Machines Open For Business In Vancouver

February 13, 2014


This is one of the crack pipe vending machines installed by the non-profit Portland Hotel Society's Drug Users Resource Center in Vancouver, Canada. The hope is that the 25¢ Pyrex crack pipes will help prevent the spread of disease among drug users. I don't care if caring means sharing, I said get your own pipe.

People can have sores on their lips, and [get diseases] from cracked or broken pipes," Mark Townsend, an addictions worker with the Portland Hotel Society, told

Townsend said that although PHS would rather crack users choose to detox or go to rehab, they also want to provide users with clean equipment, so they don't get sick or potentially die. The machines, which are covered in colorful polka dots, are meant to create a conversation about the positive benefits of harm reduction.

Crack: it ruins lives. Not unlike my ex-girlfriend. She was probably like, twice as destructive as crack. She was like crack if crack only came in the form of a tornado. Everything in her path, just gone. But seriously, if you or someone you know is suffering due of drug use, you should really consider seeking help. Remember: it's better to lose a friend than a friend to lose their life. REAL TALK.

Keep going for a couple closeups.



Thanks to Big Sexy, who is so big and so sexy when I close my eyes all I can picture is a t-rex.

  • Kenny Raines

    i uh....huh?....wha?.....planning a trip to Portland.....and not one frickin person has said where to get the dope or the hookers.....very un-useful....dammit

  • whacko

    Crack pipes are already cheap and easy to make or aquire. People don't share pipes because they can't get their own, they share pipes because they are on friggin crack and make bad decisions.

  • Kaizer Chief

    Your ex girlfriend? I hope you're not talking about the cute blonde whose blog you linked to in an older post, GW?

  • BeastmanAIDS

    that chickie was evidence that being an internet geek lord has it's advantages

  • El_MUERkO

    I'd rather it was a vending machine full of ecstasy and weed. Kind of a "why do crack when you could get stoned and happy with much greater safety"

  • jrose

    They also have one of these outside the Toronto mayor's office.

  • Guest

    canadas had a pretty terrible drug problem for years they've been keeping under wraps and understated. like almost mexico bad. I think they're supposed to be #1 world supplier of meth and ecstasy or something all run by some chinese mob that likes to cut off nipples


    I'm so glad you didn't wrap this up early before the Chinese mob nipple removal.

  • disqus_k2QxOV9H7Z

    So this is one of those "very special" geekologie post?

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    25 cents makes for a fairly cheap prank to play on a friend. Buy a couple of these and secret them in his work/school stuff, instant awkward conversation. Bonus points if he/she is in law enforcement!

  • fdafda

    thats up there with having a night of drinking shaving his mustache ends off while he sleeps and leaving only a charley chaplin as among the best cop pranks

  • I think it's a great idea. A person will do, whatever a person wants to do. It's the same mindset as teaching kids about using contraception and practicing safe sex. Except the condoms are crack pipes and the pussy is nowhere to be seen.

  • Guest

    poor lost pussy, here footfoot, come home footfoot ;_;

  • Cordingly

    Well said.

  • pundag

    Right on main and hastings, near pigeon park, it seems.... logical place. It's near Insight, the safe injection site.... oh Crackcouver... I miss you, but I also don't.

  • Jeremy Sandlin

    Come on man! Don't hold out on me like this!

  • just4747

    Dumbest fuckin thing I've ever seen, ever. What a fuckin idiotic, waste of space, time, and money.

  • Cordingly

    Thank you for your contribution to this discussion.

  • just4747

    Fuck you lol...why would anyone think this is a helpful thing to have somewhere? What a dumb ass idea...will surely help the drug problem. Hey let's help the low life addicts!

  • Cordingly

    Do you understand why there are clean needle programs in the United States?

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