You Sure?: Super Eco-Fuel Booster Is Not Energy Shots

January 20, 2014


Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I'm still medicated from sickness so I'm going to take it easy today. I hate writing under the influence because why work when I should be on the couch trying to spot faces in the textured ceiling. I'll return tomorrow like a comet, at which time we'll all drink the Kool-Aid and ride that f***er to a new solar system to colonize. I get to be supreme ruler though.

These are the Super Eco-Fuel Shot gasoline additives that apparently look enough like energy shots to warrant a sign explaining they're not. I've never tried gasoline additives before, but I did get some actual gasoline in my mouth once. "Blowing Optimus Prime?" VERY FUNNY. It doesn't taste nearly as good as it smells. "You didn't answer my question." AND I'M NOT GOING TO. "It was Grimlock wasn't it?" He was in his t-rex form!

Thanks to Lukas, who agrees all the best drinks come in bottles marked with a skull and crossbones.

  • Frag Monger

    You've got to wonder if this warning became necessary after some idiot actually tried to drink one. lol

  • Midnight

    the last bit of the post had me loling

  • Isaac King

    laugh out louding?

  • Vladeon

    Sometimes, the English language evolves and turns acronyms into actual stand alone nouns or verbs. It may be informal, but so is usually the acronym. In this specific case, I'm sure Midnight didn't mean to reference the acronym but rather the stand alone verb which is shorthand for laughing. I understand that being able to recognize whether someone is using the acronym or not requires the ability to understand context, but I think it's rather obvious in this situation.

  • Isaac King

    Fair enough. Still, I prefer LingOL.

  • Midnight

    If I used that, the internet would kick me out.

  • insipid2000

    "Saving fuel" but that means i only need to bring half the amount of granola bars brah!

  • DrZanz

    Oh my god I want the video/news post of the person who drank one of these, let's go!

  • Justin Zantow

    Wouldn't Optimus Prime run on diesel, being a semi truck and all?

  • Spleenal

    Cars don't drink shots! I drink shots!
    Give it here. Let me be the judge!

  • Jeremy

    This reminds me of the story of the guy who used 2 bottles of NOS energy drink on his motorcycle.

  • antalicus


  • Thanks for this! Good read! :)

  • The Magnificent Newtboy

    Wow, I can't decide what is stupider...

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