Please Don't Shoot Me: New R.I.P. Ammunition

January 31, 2014


This is G2 Research's new R.I.P. Ammunition, a bullet that releases eight pieces of shrapnel upon entering its target. For the record, I would not like to be shot with it. Cupid's arrow? Absolutely. I'm lonely, hit me already you fat baby.

After separation the tines travel in a semi-circle, maximizing the chance that they strike something vital.

And while the separated sharp tines go in all directions, the base of the bullet continues to penetrate in a straight line, achieving a very respectable 14- to 17- inch penetration range.

"This bullet is designed to take out all your vital organs...inferior bullets won't be a problem anymore," [G2 President Cliff] Brown said. The company president stressed prevention of law enforcement injuries was a primary focus for the round designers.

"The R.I.P. will not defeat level 3A body armor, that was one of our main goals when designing this bullet," Brown said.

Any gun and ammo experts want to weigh in on this? I don't trust myself to own a gun. Plus there's the whole felony thing. I ain't going back to prison. Sure I miss my boyfriend, but with good behavior he could be out before my 80th birthday. "There's no way you're living past 40." Ahahahhahahha, even 35 sounds like a stretch.

Hit the jump for two videos, the first an explanation of the new ammo, the second a demonstration of the bullets destroying the hell out of things.

Thanks to BC2002, ranker and Travis, who can all shoot laser beams out of their eyes and cut attackers in half. Also effective.

  • EarlyMon


    See the latest independent tests.

  • David Gabel

    definitely interezsting. Though I'll stil with my AR15 set up for .308 rounds and a shotgun with 00Buck and rifled slug rounds for home defense since those are already serving as hunting rifles.

  • DrZanz

    For starters I generally don't give a shit, this doesn't affect me.
    I'm just thinking though, who actually wants to kill someone in self defense? I mean WANTS to kill someone? Why isn't a normal bullet good enough for self defense?
    Just seems this is more of an offensive modification than a defensive one, defense being the basis of the law which allows you to carry firearms and all.

  • Kaizer Chief

    What the bleeding hearts on here don't seem to realise (evidently because they've never lived in among the most violent and evil elements of society), is that some people really do deserve to be killed. It is truly a sad indictment of the state of society that we're continuously developing more brutal and effective weapons. But if a situation arises where violence is the only outcome (i.e. you're either going to be a victim of it, or you're going to be forced to use it against your assailant), then the person using superior violence wins. Simple.

  • wastedkitten

    It's not so back and white. Proficiency with a throwing knife will most likely win against someone who is incompetent with a gun.

  • TulsaBassist

    And proficiency with a gun will win against someone proficient with a throwing knife. Myth busters already did that one.

  • wastedkitten

    And my comment went soaring high above your head didn't it?

  • PaulG

    Most people don't remember but back in the 90s a round called the 'Black Talon' was briefly produced by Winchester which operated on the same basic premise (shredding as opposed to fragmenting). It produced such a negative response that Winchester eventually ceased production in 1993 especially after it's association with the Long Island Railroad mass shooting.

    I questioned their use since standard JHPs can do more than enough damage for self defense and, at least in my opinion, everything else is overkill (no pun intended).

    And, incidentally, I am pro-gun.

  • EarlyMon

    Black Talons did NOT shred or fragment. That's a modern myth. The press at the time did test after test and story after story making that perfectly clear. As does the YouTube of an independent test showing what they do in ballistic gel - not fragment. They did NOT operate on the same priciple as the RIP. They were simply a superior JHP.

    Here's a YouTube of a Black Talon in 20% ballistic gel (NATO standard, not 10% FBI) showing it NOT shredding or fragmenting -

    As for the Black Talon characteristerics you're describing associated with Colin Ferguson at the Long Island Railroad - you're repeaing what Time Magazine had to say - not reality. See also -

  • HackTheGibson

    Winchester pulled it after the term "cop killer" was latched onto it after a cop was murdered with them. Supposedly the black part was to let it be armor piercing which is completely not true. The black part was just teflon tips that make feeding in autos easier. They changed the color and name and you can still find this round on the market. All PR and nothing to do with facts.

  • EarlyMon

    Agree completely except for the fact that the black part never contained teflon of any type. I have several boxes of the original stuff - no teflon.

    They came along about the same time as the Lethal Weapon 3 movie
    featuring armor piercing rounds with teflon tips - "cop killers" as the movie stars Gibson and Glover
    called them.

  • HackTheGibson

    I say teflon because when I say lubalox, people have no clue. It is a slick coating to help with rifling. It is has the same effects as teflon coating the tips but since Winchester does it in house, they use their own name of lubalox making it proprietary to only them. Just like other companies make tissues, but everyone just calls them all kleenex.

  • EarlyMon

    Lubalox is an oxide coating intended to protect rifle barreling by reducing fouling.

    Teflon is - a slippery polymer.

    Lubalox is not to Teflon what tissues are to Kleenex.

    Lubalox does not have the same properties at all - that's another myth.

    Here's a video to debunk the idea that debunks the myth that they were armor piercing (we agree on this, I know from your first comment you noted this as well) -

    I simply respectfully disagree that Lubalox is another Teflon.


  • HackTheGibson

    You are correct. They are not the same thing at all. I was trying to explain in normal vocabulary and should have used the correct word to start with. Sorry for any confusion I might have caused.

  • PaulG

    I saw a review of these rounds on The Firearm Blog and they did not impress me at all. They were able to replicate the damage caused by these things with some off the shelf .22LR rounds.

  • This_Update_Sucks

    there's no fucking way those full autos are cycling that jam master of a round. Seems better suited for a shotgun.

  • Superior_Joe

    You know what was wrong with previous bullets shot from guns? They just didn't do enough bodily harm. How did we get by as a society?

  • FearlessFarris

    You clearly don't know anything about firearms or ballistics, so your comment isn't worth responding to... except I just did.

    See what I did there? Now who has a sense of humor?

    Anyway, I hope your long life is full of peace and tranquility, because you're obviously very ill-prepared to deal with much else.

  • Superior_Joe

    "Now who has a sense of humor?"

    Still not you.

  • Superior_Joe

    *Puts on sunglasses, laces hands behind head, and leans back to bask in the glow of point amply proven.*

    *Then, pulls sunglasses down just enough to peek over the frames and say, right into the camera, "Go ahead and reply if you like, I won't be back!"*

    *Pushes sunglasses back up bridge of nose, leans back while the opening bongos of the song "Oh Yeah" by Yellow begin...*

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