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Dammit Mother Nature: Bird-Eating Fish Caught On Video


This is a godawful quality video (after the jump) of an African Tigerfish (above) leaping out of the water to catch a bird mid-flight. Sucks to be that bird. Of course, it shouldn't have been flying so close to the surface in the first place. THAT'S WATER DUMMY, YOU DON'T BELONG THERE. "I just wanted to play mermaids with my friends." Yeah? Well guess what -- now you're only playing fish-shit, alone.

Keep going for the video.

Thanks to Pogonophile and SFW (you'd be a lot more believable with your pants on), who agree your balls stand no chance in a tigerfish infested lake.

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  • Conrado Parra

    Squid Kills Fish/Fish Eats Bird/Bird Poops On Fish

  • RussianDroid

    Famous nature's game...Squid-Fish-Bird-Lizard-Spock

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